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Beauty Tips: Give yourself a makeover!

Bored of your looks? Need a makeover? But how will you get one and where? There are some really small things you need to checkout…

Would you like to have a makeover? To whom you have to approach? How much it will cost?

Most important is it really required? Yes or no? Everyone will have a different opinion. If we ask these questions to women of age group 16 to 30, most probably we will get a reply ‘Yes’. And most of the women of above 30 will reply with ‘No’. Why? A big section of our society does not understand what exactly makeover means. One should not correlate makeover with glamour, which is false.

At different stages in our life makeover is required. After joining a corporate company/office, a college girl cannot wear the funky dresses/T-shirt and jeans which she used to wear while going to college. She prefers formal wears also a matching bag, accessories, hairstyle and a little makeup. That’s called a makeover. In India, it has been observed that a woman as she grows, starts losing enthusiasm towards change in her lifestyle, grooming, attire, etc. There are a bundle of reasons behind this. Say, a negative approach to accept the changes under the name of culture, to put the family first and ignore yourself, hectic daily schedule, etc. Because of this we completely ignore our health, skin, hair and figure as our priorities have changed. Still, if you are able to take out a little time from this busy schedule, you can do a makeover. Let’s start with our look.

It is not limited to working women but applicable to housewives too. A makeover definitely brings changes to you, your confidence and your mind. One more reason to have a makeover is we all are different. If you follow the same hairstyle or makeup as your friend or colleague does, it will lead to worse. A woman with a round face, a hairstyle with layers from the ear line will make her face look more round. If she elongates the layers from the chin, her face will look a little longer. Briefly, the process to overcome or to reduce the deficiencies of our body with the help of expert advice can be called a makeover. Preferably we concentrate on the followings during the makeover:

  • Hair Style
  • Makeup
  • Clothing


A change in hairstyle always brings a change to your look. For a makeover, a change in hairstyle while keeping the same makeup and clothing style also works. You can decide which hairstyle is suitable for expert advice from one of the good saloons.


For makeup, you have to think about the current trends. For most Indians trend is what Bollywood bring to us. Smokey eyes are the best example here. You can find loads of videos online on how to apply makeup. But makeup artist’s advice is the better option. Nowadays, some of the other new product comes in the market every day. You can’t buy all. We need expert advice to decide which one is suitable for you. You need to learn the application procedure too.


Some people like to use the same style of clothing always. We see many women around us who have never tried any clothing other than Saree or Punjabi suits. These women should start their makeover with Kurtis and later on, she can have experimented with different styles. If someone wants to continue with Saree only, then she may try different patterns of blouses. One has to keep in mind that whatever outfit you choose, you must be comfortable and confident to carry the same. Apart from the above, for a makeover, we should think of the accessories like purses, jewellery, footwear etc. But most importantly, all these things should co-relate with each other then only it’s a complete MAKEOVER.


  • Never put concealer or foundation on your eyelids as a base, it will cause your eye makeup to crease.
  • You should put bronzer on your neck, face, and chest to even out your skin tone. Be sure to take a step back and make sure every part is in the same colour.
  • When applying blush, the first smile, then start on the apple of the cheek, blend the blush back towards the top of the ear, then down toward the jawline.
  • You want to make sure your lipstick is not too defined at your cupid’s bow (the top of your lip), and that it goes all the way out to the inner corners of your mouth. Be sure to press down hard as you apply.
  • Always start with a base shadow without any shimmer that matches the lightest skin tone on your face and applies all over your lid up to the brow. You should use this base shadow to make sure the darker shadows used on your lid up to the crease are properly blended.
  • Instead of looking straight ahead at the mirror, get as close to it as possible. You want to look down as you apply, starting at the inner corner and making sure to go all the way out to the fold on the outside of the eye.

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