Relationship Forecast



  • Opinion related to your love life and romance for current year
  • Consideration of Dasha Influence of the planets along with current year transit of planets in your birth horoscope
  • Detailed match report between you and your partner
  • Finding the relations between ascendant and major planets which signifies your love life


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Marriage Compatibility Reports
Relationship Forecast 1,500.00

Relationship Forecast – 1 Year

We will give you our opinion related to your love life and romance for the current year, after due consideration of Dasha’s Influence on the planets along with the current year’s transit of planets in your birth horoscope, which will help you to move in the right direction. Once you have given us your information, Kalnirnay will email you the report within 7 working days.

Note: The Relationship Report is only applicable to married couples, not to unmarried individuals.


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