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Tuesday, 9 August 2022 9-Aug-2022
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Mumbai, India

09 Aug 2022
Sravana Shukla Paksha Dwadashi
Nakshatra: Mool
Yog: Vishkambha · Karan: Bava/Kaulav
Sunrise: 06.20 am · Sunset: 07.08 pm Know More »

 Your Horoscope

Daily Horoscope: 9th August 2022

Aries Horoscope


Today's Horoscope

Be alert in each matter.

Lucky Number: 9 · Lucky Color: Magenta

taurus Horoscope


Today's Horoscope

Don’t interfere in others' conflicts.

Lucky Number: 6 · Lucky Color: White

gemini Horoscope


Today's Horoscope

Get yourself acquainted with an open heart.

Lucky Number: 5 · Lucky Color: Green

cancer Horoscope


Today's Horoscope

With opportunities, you will be able to prove yourself as superior.

Lucky Number: 2 · Lucky Color: White

leo Horoscope


Today's Horoscope

Create interest in studies.

Lucky Number: 1 · Lucky Color: Pink

virgo Horoscope


Today's Horoscope

Try to maintain your moral behaviour good.

Lucky Number: 5 · Lucky Color: Peacock Green

libra Horoscope


Today's Horoscope

Take care while signing any documents.

Lucky Number: 6 · Lucky Color: White

scorpio Horoscope


Today's Horoscope

You will need expert guidance.

Lucky Number: 9 · Lucky Color: Orange

sagittarius Horoscope


Today's Horoscope

Behave with patience and with due understanding.

Lucky Number: 3 · Lucky Color: Yellow

capricorn Horoscope


Today's Horoscope

Try to improve your thought process.

Lucky Number: 8 · Lucky Color: Purple

aquarius Horoscope


Today's Horoscope

Devote a suitable time for your family.

Lucky Number: 8 · Lucky Color: Black

pisces Horoscope


Today's Horoscope

Adopt a flexible policy at home.

Lucky Number: 3 · Lucky Color: Golden

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