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Tuesday, 25 January 2022 25-Jan-2022
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Mumbai, India

25 Jan 2022
Krishna Paksha Saptami/Krishna Paksha Ashtami
Nakshatra: Chitra
Yog: Dhruti/Shool · Karan: Balav
Sunrise: 07.16 am · Sunset: 06.25 pm Know More »

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 Your Horoscope

Daily Horoscope: 25th January 2022

Aries Horoscope


Today's Horoscope

Don’t neglect the responsibilities.

Lucky Number: 9 · Lucky Color: Red

taurus Horoscope


Today's Horoscope

Avoid disputes with seniors.

Lucky Number: 6 · Lucky Color: White

gemini Horoscope


Today's Horoscope

Try to keep yourself calm.

Lucky Number: 5 · Lucky Color: Parrot Green

cancer Horoscope


Today's Horoscope

You will remain supporting pillar of your family.

Lucky Number: 2 · Lucky Color: Sky Blue

leo Horoscope


Today's Horoscope

Don’t burn midnight candles which will be health hazardous.

Lucky Number: 1 · Lucky Color: Magenta

virgo Horoscope


Today's Horoscope

Avoid expressing your opinions.

Lucky Number: 5 · Lucky Color: Peacock Green

libra Horoscope


Today's Horoscope

Don’t fall short of your efforts.

Lucky Number: 6 · Lucky Color: White

scorpio Horoscope


Today's Horoscope

Don’t flatten your victory to others.

Lucky Number: 9 · Lucky Color: Pink

sagittarius Horoscope


Today's Horoscope

Students will have no alternative for success without toil.

Lucky Number: 3 · Lucky Color: Golden

capricorn Horoscope


Today's Horoscope

In social field, you will have to compromise.

Lucky Number: 8 · Lucky Color: Grey

aquarius Horoscope


Today's Horoscope

Utilize your valuable time for good purpose.

Lucky Number: 8 · Lucky Color: Black

pisces Horoscope


Today's Horoscope

Think it over, while agreeing with others.

Lucky Number: 3 · Lucky Color: Yellow

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