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ऑफिससाठी ड्रेसकोड

  ऑफिससाठी ड्रेसकोड १‧ ऑफिससाठी योग्य अशी वेशभूषा कशी निवडावी? औपचारिक वेशभूषेसाठी नेव्ही ब्लू, काळा, तपकिरी (ब्राउन) रंगातील व्यवस्थित कट असलेली पँट किंवा स्कर्ट आणि त्यावर पांढरा कॉलर असणारा शर्ट खुलून दिसेल‧ तर कॅज्युअल प्रकारातील वेशभूषा ही आठवड्यातील कामकाजाच्या शेवटच्या दिवशी करणे योग्य ठरते‧ कॉटन स्कर्ट्स, स्लॅक्स आणि त्यावर व्यवस्थित फिटिंग असणारा टॉप / ब्लाऊज, तसेच कट […]

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Beauty Tips: Give yourself a makeover! | Fairness Tips

Beauty Tips: Give yourself a makeover! Bored of your looks? Need a makeover? But how will you get one and where? There are some really small things you need to checkout… Would you like to have a makeover? To whom you have to approach? How much it will cost? Most important is it really required? […]

The Retro Era

History repeats… yess, this saying is so perfect for the fashion industry. You can see Juhi Chawala wearing the same dress in ‘tu hai meri Kiran’ as Gita Bali wore in ‘yeh rat yeh chandani…’. This is simply an era of Retro fashion. Fashion! The first thing that catches everyone’s attention today. Earlier,the masses related […]

The Perfect Dress

The Perfect Dress!

You should know what to wear where. This understanding of your attire and its Relevance is an important part of your personality. For that you must learn and Follow the etiquette’s of dressing. Manners’ is a term usually preceded by the word good or bad to indicate whether or not a behaviour is socially acceptable. In that sense, […]