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About Us

Sumangal Press Pvt. Ltd. - Kalnirnay

Talking about us, the KALNIRNAY® Group is known to Indians all over the world as India’s premier almanac maker. Since its inception in 1973, the group has emerged as the No. 1 and most authentic almanac maker, providing up-to-date information about India’s traditional festivities, auspicious tithis and culture. According to the Audit Bureau of Circulation (India), KALNIRNAY® is the World’s Largest Selling Publication with a circulation of 1,81,87,168 copies.

  • KALNIRNAY® is a yearly almanac for all religions, wherein auspicious dates, festivals and celebrations of Parsis, Jews, Muslims, Christians and others are mentioned in detail, in addition to those of Hindus.
  • Has a consumer base of 1,40,00,000 households in India.
  • It is available in 7 languages: English, Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada.
  • It has 2 niche editions – Arogya and Swadistha, In this the almanac you would get information on Health and Food.
  • Over 35 KALNIRNAY® variants cater to a varied socio-economic audience through pocket diaries which are blended with auspicious dates and tithis, KALNIRNAY® for cars, offices, as yearly planners, as desk almanac, etc.
  • Content in regional editions is related to specific customs and traditions followed therein.
  • Interesting articles and important information is printed on the rear side of the data-pad. This content in each language edition is separately compiled by different research scholars and experienced editors.
Jyotirbhaskar Jayantrao Salgaonkar

Jyotirbhaskar Jayantrao Salgaonkar

Jayant Salgaonkar (1 February 1929 – 20 August 2013) was an Indian businessman. He was the founder of Kalnirnay. A historian, scholar and a great writer.

He only completed up to tenth grade in high school. Also had a keen interest in Jyotish from childhood. He founded Kalnirnay in 1973, selling over 1 crore copies in nine languages. Kalnirnay is a yearly almanac of all religions containing details of auspicious dates, festivals and celebrations of Farsi, Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindu and others. He had done a combination of jyotish, information and dharmashstra. He was the pioneer of the daily Rashi Bhavishya and the daily crossword in the Marathi newspaper.

  • “Jyotirbhaskar” by Sakeshwar Vidhyapeeth
  • “Jyotishalankar” by Mumbai Jyotirvidyalay
  • “Jyotimartand” in Pune Jyotish Sammelan
  • “D.Lt.” by Maharashtra Jyotish Vidyapeeth
  • “Vaidik Puraskar” at Nasik by Shivparvati Pratishthan
  • “Lifetime Achievement Award” by Konkan Marathi Sahitya Parishad
  • “Samarth Sant Seva Puraskar” by Samarath Seva Mandal, Sajjangad
  • Sundarmath – ‘सुंदरमठ’ (समर्थ रामदासस्वामींच्या जीवनावरील कादंबरी )Sundarmath – ‘सुंदरमठ’ (समर्थ रामदासस्वामींच्या जीवनावरील कादंबरी )
  • Deva tuchi Ganeshu – ‘देवा तूचि गणेशु'(श्रीगणेश दैवताचा इतिहास आणि स्वरुप, तसेच समाजजीवनावरील त्याचा प्रभाव याचा अभ्यासपूर्ण आढावा.)
  • Dharma-Shatriy Nirnay –‘धर्म-शास्त्रीय निर्णय’ या ग्रंथाचे संपादन व लेखन
  • Kalnirnay- ‘कालनिर्णय’ या मराठी, इंग्रजी, गुजराथी, हिंदी, कानडी, तामिळ, बंगाली, तेलगू, मल्याळम भाषेतून निघणार्‍या वार्षिक नियतकालिकाचे संस्थापक-संपादक.
  • Panchang – ‘पंचाग’ या क्षेत्रात सुलभता आणि शास्त्रशुद्धता आणण्याचे यशस्वी प्रयत्न. पंचांगाचा परंपरागत साचा बदलून नवीन स्वरुपात संपादन.
  • Devachiye Dwati – ‘देवाचिये द्वारी’ (धार्मिक, पारमार्थिक अशा स्वरुपाचे लिखाण संत वाड्:मयाच्या आधाराने १९२५ मध्ये ३०९ लेखांचा संग्रह) पुढे त्याचे अनेक खंड
  • Ganadhish jo Ish – ‘गणाधीश जो ईश‘(श्रीगणेशावरील लेख व मुलाखती वृत्तपत्रांतून प्रसिध्द झालेल्या लेखांचा संग्रह)
  • Rastyvarache Dive – ‘रस्त्यावरचे दिवे’ (आयुष्यात घडलेल्या, अनुभवाला आलेल्या, तसेच कुणाकडून तरी समजलेल्या प्रत्यक्ष घटनांवर आधारित लेखांचा संग्रह)

The Team

Jayraj Salgaokar

 Co-founder, Editor, Publisher & the Managing Director at Kalnirnay.

Jayraj Salgaokar

Jayraj Salgaokar is the Co-founder, Editor, Publisher & the Managing Director at Kalnirnay. An economist by training, Jayraj has a keen interest in literature, history and arts and has authored several books on varied subjects. Some of his books include Ajinkya Yoddha Bajirao, Saraswatancha Sankshipta Itihaas, Paisa Aani Madhyamvarga, Curzonkaal, New Gutenberg, Gorakhnath Enlightenment and Communication & Civilization. A trained mountaineer, Jayraj participated in the successful “Tata Everest Indian 98” expedition from Tibet to Mount Everest. Jayraj is also a columnist for newspapers as well as a participant speaker on economics & on various news channels. He has worked closely with varied government bodies to bring together mega infrastructure projects and initiatives. Jayraj was a part of a special committee (Labour & Employment) on the Planning Commission.  He has also served on the board of the Indian Institute of Forest Management.

Jayendra Salgaonkar

Partner and Director of Kalnirnay

Jayendra Salgaonkar

Jayendra Salgaonkar is the Partner and Director of Kalnirnay. An architect by qualification and a businessman at heart, Jayendra is well versed with Panchang Shastra and Astrology and has written columns about astrology in various well-known publications for several years. He has served as an Honorary Trustee for Chikitsak Samuha which runs many renowned educational institutes. He has an eye for detail but also an artistic flair, as a result it has helped him in designing and collaborating on vivid art projects. Jayendra has a keen interest in photography. His photography skills are well recognised, he has photographed well-known deities such as Siddhivinayak (Prabhadevi – Mumbai), Dagdu Sheth Halwai Ganpati (Pune), Vitthal-Rakhumai (Pandharpur), Mahalaxmi (Kolhapur).

Shakti Salgaokar

Executive Director

Shakti Salgaokar

Shakti Salgaokar is a journalist and an author with over 10 years of experience in creating content for print and digital platforms. She is recognized for her debut novel Imperfect Mr. Right (2012). In addition to writing for various publications, She has also hosted YouTube shows and has been a radio presenter. Passionate about films, literature and technology, she has written articles, reviews and essays for prestigious publications like The Times Of India, MidDay, DNA and Cinestaan. Shakti also enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and has been actively working with digital communities to explore the culinary heritage of our country.

Samarth Salgaokar

 Executive Director

Samarth Salgaonkar

Samarth Salgaonkar is an MBA in Finance and has a rich experience in the field of banking and stock markets. He is recognized for his work as a part of Mumbai University’s ‘MUNJIAN-Project’ for which he has interacted with Mrs.Michelle Obama. Also has handled various leadership roles during the course of his academic career also having served as the General Secretary while pursuing his management studies. An avid badminton player and has represented his school & college as well. In spite of not being from the science background he is well versed on the technology front which has aided him to help develop mobile apps to suit the needs of users. He also has a keen interest in photography.

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