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Founded in 1973 by Jyotirbhaskar Jayantrao Salgaonkar and Jayraj Salgaonkar, the company has emerged as India’s leading almanac maker. As the group completes 50 years, Kalnirnay continues to be the top choice for consumers across the country for its authentic publications even today.

KALNIRNAY offers unique products that provide accurate information pertaining to traditional Indian festivals, the Hindu Panchang, auspicious tithis, and much more. 

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Unique features of KALNIRNAY products

  • KALNIRNAY® is an annual, comprehensive almanac for all religions. The almanac includes auspicious dates, information about festivals and celebrations pertaining to Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Islam, Christianity and others.
  • The almanac has a consumer base of 1,40,00,000 households in India.
  • It is available in 7 languages: English, Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada.
  • It has 3 niche editions – Kalnirnay Arogya, which focuses on health; Kalnirnay Swadishta, which focuses on food and nutrition; and Kalnirnay Marathi Avdhoot Panchang, which is dedicated to Shri Swami Samarth. 
  • KALNIRNAY® publishes over 35 variants of its almanac catering to a wide cross-section of the Indian population. These variants include pocket diaries, car almanacs, office almanacs, desk almanacs, yearly planners, etc. 
  • Each regional almanac refers to specific customs and traditions that pertain to the mother state of that language. For example, the Kannada version focuses on customs specific to Karnataka. 
  • The almanac also offers interesting and relevant information printed on the rear side of each datepad. This includes articles on health, mental health, finance, business, and more by experts in their respective fields. One will also find recipes, a monthly horoscope and much more on this page. The content in each language edition is curated by experts in their respective cultures. 
  • According to the Audit Bureau of Circulation (India), KALNIRNAY® is the world’s largest-selling publication with a circulation of 1,81,87,168 copies!

The Founder

Jyotirbhaskar Jayantrao Salgaonkar

Jyotirbhaskar Jayantrao Salgaonkar

Founder, Kalnirnay

Jyotirbhaskar Jayantrao Salgaonkar (1 February 1929 – 20 August 2013) was an Indian businessman and the founder of Kalnirnay. Jayantrao attended school up to the 10th grade and went on to become a great historian, scholar and writer. As a child, he had also developed a keen interest in astrology, Sanskrit and Santa Vangmaya

During his stint at a renowned Marathi daily, he started writing daily horoscope – Rashi Bhavishya. He also developed a keen interest in the daily crossword which led him to eventually start his own crossword business. His keen understanding of astrology and literature, led him to start Kalnirnay in 1973. 

The Team

Jayraj Salgaokar

Jayraj Salgaokar

Co-founder, Editor, Publisher
& the Managing Director

Jayendra Salgaonkar

Partner and Director of Kalnirnay

Shakti Salgaokar

Executive Director

Samarth Salgaonkar | Kalnirnay - Executive Director

Samarth Salgaonkar

Executive Director

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