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Losing weight in 3 weeks to fit into the dress is all fine, but is it right way to go? Here’s answering some of the big question for a safe trip to a healthy weight loss and fitness.

Nothing motivates a woman to lose weight as a ring in the finger. Once that is in place, nothing stops her from fitting into the dress that will make her look like a princess. And while the task isn’t mission impossible, given the time gap between engagements and wedding these days, it is those 10 days of celebration that wreck havoc to the most well-planned ‘get fit’ plan. Here’s a plan to sail through the 10 days with minimal damage:

What is an ideal time to start dieting?

An individual’s body genetics, current fitness level and dietary habits often determine how soon and how much weight will she lose. As per the experts, six months ahead start is a good period as the result will show only 3 months later as the body begins to respond to any new regimen. The logic: More flab, more time you will take to lose it.

Does the added stress of wedding planning make it harder or easier to lose weight?

Yes. Stress results in an increase in the stress hormones, which work as obstacles in achieving your desired body composition. Therefore having fitness and stress-busting regimen is essential. Dancing is one of the better ways to kick-start the cycle. In fact, it is also a good way to develop healthy chemistry between the bride and groom.

What should be a realistic goal for a bride/groom? And how does one arrive at that figure?

10 kilos in six months to a year is a realistic target to achieve. One needs to follow an eating pattern which is nutritious as well as takes care of all the nutritional requirement of a person. A good equation to start with has 5 small, evenly spread meals and exercise regularly at least 5 days a week which may ideally include two sessions of cardiovascular exercise and three sessions of weight training a week, approximately an hour each. Remember, weight loss isn’t just losing the fat but gaining a better lifestyle.

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How does one evade the obvious food mines without offending anyone in those 10 days?

Take a small portion, share as much as you can, and have lighter meals in and around that time. Also, treat your fitness as an appointment you cannot miss. Try sampling food rather than eating it and drink enough water, good hydration often helps manage a healthy appetite.

Remember: Excess carbs and fats are high-calorie food. Instead, have a protein-rich diet with milk, curd, paneer, eggs, chicken and fish. Eat on time. Often skipping meal sends a ‘starvation’ message to the rest of the body, which stores any food that will come its way as fat. In fact, cravings for fat rich food are a sign that the body isn’t getting proper nutrients.

Do fad diets or diet pills work as short time strategy?

Fad diets or diet pills are never a solution, even short terms. They may make you look thin on the day of the wedding but it may leave you with serious health issues later. These pills drop in your metabolism with such health consequences that take a long time to recover.

How about protein supplements and vitamin pills, are they safe?

Protein supplements and vitamins pills are advised to meet up the nutritional requirements that cannot be achieved through diet alone. Usually, it’s for people who are in advance level of training. There is absolutely NO harm in consuming any supplements if taken under proper guidance, and in right portions.

Once the wedding frenzy is over, how does one flow it into an organised fitness routine?

Exercise at least five days a week and follow a healthy nutrition eating pattern based on individual needs is the organised fitness routine. The body will need this as you grow older every year. Fitness is a process, which has to become a lifestyle for life time.


(With Inputs from Nutritionist Sveta Bassin and Aqua Specialist, Deepali Jain)


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