Kalnirnay Swadishta Panchang Periodical 2024



  1. Pack of 1 
  2. Includes details of auspicious and inauspicious days
  3. Monthly Panchang
  4. Monthly wedding muhurat details
  5. Includes recipes from different cuisines 
  6. Includes helpful tips on cooking and food preservation. 
  7. Sankashta Chaturthi: Time of Moon-rising every month, based on the location
  8. Size: 28 x 44 cm
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Kalnirnay Swadishta Panchang Periodical 2024 50.00


Kalnirnay Swadishta 2024 is a special calmanac for readers who are interested in food and recipes. It is similar to the regular calmanac but the rear is a treasure trove of information on food. It has several recipes from different cuisines along with interesting tips on cooking and food preservation and is a treat for people who love to cook.

This edition includes columns like “Khaucha Dabba” and “Happy Baking,” which feature lip-smacking special recipes from across the globe.


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