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Baked Puran Poli Roll | Aditi Limaye

Baked Puran Poli Roll

This Holi quick fix results from my love for recycling and reusing. We roll leftover rotis with a rich, fragrant puran lling made with chana dal, jaggery, saffron, cardamom, coconut, and nutmeg! Baked or air fried until golden brown and garnished with rose petals and edible gold foil/varq, these puran poli rolls can be served with vanilla ice cream or alone.

Ingredients: 1 cup chana dal (yellow split chickpeas lentils), washed and soaked for 2-3 hours, 1 pinch haldi, 1 pinch salt, 1 cup water, 1 cup jaggery, grated, 1.5 tbsp ghee, ¼ cup fresh coconut, grated (optional), ½ tsp cardamom powder, 1 pinch nutmeg powder, 10-12 strands saffron, soaked in 1 tsp warm water, 10 roti (chapati), 2 tbsp slivered almonds, ghee for brushing, 1 tbsp all-purpose (or rice) our mixed with 2 tbsp water, honey, for brushing, nuts like almonds and pistachios, edible foil/Varq, dried rose petals.

Method: Pressure cook the soaked chana dal with water, salt, and haldi for 3 whistles on medium heat. Once cooked, drain the extra water and transfer the dal to a heavy bottom pan on low-medium heat. Add the jaggery and mix well. Once the jaggery melts, mash the dal with the back of a spoon until it turns into a smooth paste. Continue to cook until the mixture thickens and holds its shape. Mix well with ghee, grated coconut, cardamom powder, nutmeg powder, and saffron. Check if the puran lling is ready by putting it in a spoon. If it stands upright, the puran lling is ready. To assemble, take a roti (chapati), and add your puran lling in a cylindrical shape. Top this with almonds. Place a little bit of the our slurry on the edges to help hold its shape and roll tightly. Brush the rolls with ghee and bake at 1750C for 10 minutes until golden brown and crispy. You can also air fry them. Once baked, glaze them with honey and garnish with almonds, pistachios, edible gold foil, and rose petals.

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