Lemongrass and Ginger Rasam | Aditi Limaye

Lemongrass and Ginger Rasam This lemongrass and ginger rasam is a light, refreshing soup that is full of flavour. I make most of my rasams in the pressure cooker. A rasam must not be boiled beyond a point as it may lose its flavour. I love adding a little rice to it making it into […]

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Guts and Glory | Google Gruhini

Guts and Glory All you need to know about Gut Health In 2010, renowned chef Jamie Oliver delivered a compelling lecture on ‘Teach Every Child About Food’ during a ‘TedTalks’ event. This lecture, which garnered immense popularity within the international ‘TED’ network, brought to light a pressing issue in American society. Despite being a global […]

corn | pav bhaji | pav bhaji recipe | bhaji pav recipe

Corn Pav Bhaji | Aditi Limaye

Corn Pav Bhaji Corn Pav Bhaji is a great monsoon family meal! With fresh corn and veggies in that classic chatpata, and spicy gravy, paired with some buttery pav, this comfort meal is everything you’ve been dreaming of! Ingredients 1 cup fresh corn, 2 chopped tomatoes, ½ cup tomato puree, 1 cup chopped onions, ½ […]

Carbohydrates | carbs | carb foods

Breaking Down Carbohydrates: To Eat or Not to Eat | Pranoti Pawar

Breaking Down Carbohydrates: To Eat or Not to Eat The good, bad and ugly of the misunderstood carbs! Have you ever wondered how our bodies obtain the energy needed to accomplish everyday tasks, no matter how simple or difficult? The answer lies in a fundamental nutrient that plays a crucial role in our lives: carbohydrates. […]

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Mango Dahi Vada Shots | Aditi Limaye

Mango Dahi Vada Shots Ingredients: Vada: 1 cup soaked, split white urad dal, ½ inch chopped ginger, 2 chopped green chillies, ¼ tsp red chilli powder, ½ tsp salt, 1 tsp sugar, oil, 1 cup warm water Mango yoghurt: 1 cup hung (or Greek) yoghurt, 1½ cup mango pulp, 1 tsp sugar, ½ tsp salt […]

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Today’s Children – Spoilt or Misunderstood? | Parinita Ganesh

Today’s Children – Spoilt or Misunderstood? Practical tips to raise today’s children. Being a parent is probably one of the hardest jobs in the world. And being a decent enough parent is even harder. Even more so, today! Sometimes it feels like an Olympic sport. Life can seem like a never-ending list of this or […]

Vermicelli | Dessert Recipe | Indian Cuisine

Vermicelli Shrikhand Cups | Aditi Limaye

Vermicelli Shrikhand Cups This innovative dessert can be easily made at home & will enhance your style of serving food at home. Shrikhand is a popular dessert made in Maharashtra during festivals. It’s derived from Shir + Khand – Shir or Milk (curd is prepared from milk) + khand or sugar. Ingredients 200 gm vermicelli, […]

Cancer | chronic diseases | cancer treatment

All You Need to Know About Cancer | Dr. Sulochana Gavande

All You Need to Know About Cancer Here’s a lowdown on the dreaded disease and the current treatment processes. Did you know that cancer is an ancient disease with the earliest evidence of bone cancer found in Egyptian mummies? The word cancer triggers an instant reaction of terror and misunderstanding amongst devastated patients and their […]

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Baked Puran Poli Roll | Aditi Limaye

Baked Puran Poli Roll This Holi quick fix results from my love for recycling and reusing. We roll leftover rotis with a rich, fragrant puran filling made with chana dal, jaggery, saffron, cardamom, coconut, and nutmeg! Baked or air fried until golden brown and garnished with rose petals and edible gold foil/varq, these puran poli […]

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9 Tips to Build Your Nest Egg | Koustubh Joshi

9 Tips to Build Your Nest Egg   A brief guide on how to save and invest wisely. In an age ridden with unlimited wants and limited resources, retirement planning can prove to be quite a difficult task. However, it must certainly be a serious consideration. The average Indian makes enough money to meet their […]