Science : Development or Destruction

Human beings have made great progress in understanding nature with the power of intelligence. Right from the beginning, mankind has tried to invent innovative equipment. Consistent research and analysis have resulted in advanced technological development making lives easier than ever before. The speed of scientific and technological development has been increasing day by day and the impact of all this has gone beyond the comfort of our lives. As per the law of nature and over the history of mankind, we have witnessed that powerful countries have ruled captured many weaker regions using their strength and intelligence. Treasures have been robbed. Some strong countries started using infinite amount of natural resources. Today, vast majority of people in the world look forward to enjoying the life survival which the economically powerful nations enjoy. The unsolved equation of limited natural resources and increased imbalance in nature are two global problems.

By deploying constant research and development in field of science, man has created nuclear weapons. These weapons determine strength and indicate mightiness of countries. However, these mighty countries are imposing restrictions on other countries’ ability to create nuclear weapons. These countries have avoided the responsibility of their own global nuclear disarmament. This imbalance has become a constant headache for the world. The situation is so bad that it could blow up in a dangerous way.

Has science played any role in this regard? The answer to this question is yes! Strong countries are becoming stronger with the help of science and technology. Using Science as a tool, innovative features are being created with available naturals materials. There is a proverb, ‘knowledge is power’. Science has created new facilities as well as strengths. Those who used science as a tool made progress. They got control over the world. Those who could not utilise the power of science were left behind. The situation is so volatile that experts predict the last century of human existence on Earth has started. Advancement in science empowered humans, however, they have failed to use this power wisely.

It depends on human evolution and the values they follow. The world has much to learn from Indian culture in this regard. Today, youth appears to be increasingly self- centered which is not good for the development of a healthy society. All should have empathy and sympathy for the weaker sections. knowledge, science, culture, society, and entrepreneurship are very important factors in our education system. You are expected to produce sensitive and capable humans.

Technology has brought ease to our daily life but it has also created many issues which should be discussed here. Although human capacity increases with technology, it creates other problems. overdependence on machines encourages unemployment. Men are replaced by machines. Information and communication advancement are connecting people around the world and as this happens strangers are coming closer< but the fear that cordiality with familiar people will start diminishing is on the rise. Although everyone in a democracy is required to create and express their opinions, it is also necessary to take of democracy.

Our constant efforts are towards creating good environment for youth and children. It is important to take care that it is unpolluted by the ease of technology available. The teachings of being the good citizen and community bonding should also be imbibed on the minds of young generation.

This expedition of science and technology will increase with each passing day. It is a sign of a well – cultured society when knowledge continues to expand and fluctuate. We must ensure that new knowledge and technology comes rapidly, should be useful and should not be misused. We must take care personally, socially and globally. Due to increasing speed of new technology, it will be difficult to establish regulation process in time. guidance on personal and social ethics and knowledge institutions will gain immense importance in coming times. Therefore, our responsibility is maintaining and preserving healthy ethics and high- quality institutions. If we can fulfill this, science will always be boon. Let’s hope that human needs won’t create hazard to natural surroundings and powerful machines that humans created engage in creative work.

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