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Pay it Online | Ameya Joshi

Pay it Online   Fear of frauds keeping you away from online payment systems? Here’s how to use them safely.   The past two years are proof of how technology has transformed our lives. We conduct meetings from our living rooms, buy things online, and even learn how to cook with the internet. Technology has […]

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About birds and bees | Apphia D’Souza

About birds and bees(Sex) An important conversation to have with your kids. How and when should you talk about sex? The word ‘sex’ is associated with shame and secrecy. We don’t think of it in positive ways or a broader sense, that includes sexual health and hygiene, consent, body boundaries and personal space, healthy relationships, […]

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Upgrade to ‘You 2.0’ | Samindara Hardikar-Sawant

Upgrade to ‘You 2.0’   Invest time and effort in upgrading your professional skills and staying relevant.   The ongoing pandemic has changed the pace of the professional world. Technology, research and innovation are forcing professionals to be on their toes. In addition to expertise and know-how in their domain, the new world requires refined […]

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Creating “US” time | Dr Sachee Dalvi

Creating “US” time With a little planning, parents can create meaning in the time they spend with their kids Childhood is a crucial time in a person’s life. It has a monumental impact on who one will grow up to be, the way a person feels and acts like an adult. Parent-child dynamics are known […]

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For a rainy day | Rupa Rege-Nitsure

Chalking out a budget for the family during emergencies The global pandemic and the resulting lockdowns brought out unimagined challenges for world economies. In a developing country like India, the economic impact was intense. While the lockdowns brought smaller businesses to a grinding halt, job insecurity was heightened and pay cuts became rather normal. Those […]

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Will… You Must! | Ravindra Kulkarni

Will… You Must! All you need to know about making a document that speaks for you after you’re gone. ‘Main Na rahoongi, Tum Na rahoge, Phir Bhi rahengi nishaaniyan’ sang Mukesh and Lata in the Raj Kapoor classic Shree 420. Nobody knows what happens when we die, but for those left behind, the mourning comes […]

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HbA1C test: A means to control diabetes | Dr Pradeep Talwalkar

HbA1C test: A means to control diabetes A fairly new entrant in the list of routine diagnostic tests, HbA1C’s popularity among health practitioners has risen for obvious reasons. It is considered to be one of the best diagnostic procedures to assess and understand one’s control over diabetes. The results of this blood test prove essential […]

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Fitness during Pregnancy | Padmashri Shanmugaraj

Fitness during Pregnancy All you need to know about keeping fit while you’re expecting. At some point, you’ve probably been reminded to “enjoy the journey”. That’s wise advice for most of life’s adventures, but it’s particularly true for the 40 miraculous weeks a woman will spend with a baby growing inside her. Every pregnancy is […]

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Test in time | Dr. Rekha Bhatkhande, MD

Test in time A thorough physical examination helps doctors assess the state of a patient’s mental and physical health. Medical investigations help establish a diagnosis, evaluate the progress of the disease, or probe the effects and side-effects of treatments. Regular health check-ups help prevent lifestyle diseases and are crucial in diagnosing rare genetic and metabolic […]

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Grow your own Micro Greens | Shama Zaidi

Grow your own Micro Greens Easy to grow, these little wonders are a powerhouse of nutrition. Microgreens are young vegetable greens that are harvested when they are approximately 7-10 cms in height. They have an aromatic flavor and concentrated nutrient content and come in a variety of colors and textures. Microgreens are very convenient to […]