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इंटरनेट : बुजुर्गों का साथी | वन्दना अवस्थी दुबे | Internet: Elderly Partner | Vandana Awasthi Dube

इंटरनेट : बुजुर्गों का साथी हमारे पड़ोस में एक दादाजी रहते हैं। दादाजी और उनकी पत्नी यानी दादीजी। दोनों की उम्र ८० बरस से ऊपर है। दो लड़के हैं, दोनों बाहर, दो बेटियां हैं जो अब अपनी ससुराल की हो गयी हैं। दादाजी अब रिटायर हो गए। अच्छी भली पेंशन मिलती है, गुजारा ठाठ से होता है। देखा […]

Science : Development or Destruction

Human beings have made great progress in understanding nature with the power of intelligence. Right from the beginning, mankind has tried to invent innovative equipment. Consistent research and analysis have resulted in advanced technological development making lives easier than ever before. The speed of scientific and technological development has been increasing day by day and the […]

Cyber Crime India | Types of Cyber Crimes | Cyber Crime and Prevention | Cyber Crime Security Tips

Crime in the Digital age: Keeping yourself safe

It is important to raise awareness about the need to protect information in the wake of the latest cyber attacks. One must understand the tactics with which criminals steal information Crime in the digital age: Keeping yourself safe! What is Cyber Crime? Cybercrime or computer crime is a crime that involves a computer and a network. […]