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Red Rice Poha | Dr.Manisha Talim

Red Rice Poha

Ingredients: 2 bowls of red rice poha flakes, 1 onion, 1 tbsp roasted peanuts, ½ tsp mustard seeds, ½ tsp haldi, 1 pinch of hing, 1 sprig of curry leaves,  2 green chillies chopped, salt to taste, 1 tbsp oil

Directions: Wash the poha flakes in a sieve and drain. Keep aside for five minutes. Heat oil and add mustard seeds, haldi and hing. The seeds will crackle and the aroma of hing will pervade the air. Add the curry leaves and let them crackle. Now, put in the onions and cook till transparent. Next, add the roasted peanuts and finally, the washed poha, stir well and cook for a few minutes. Garnish with coriander and grated coconut.

Significance(Red Rice Poha)

Diabetics can have rice and poha in moderation. Parboiled rice, brown rice and red rice are better alternatives to white rice because the latter is a product obtained after removing the husk, brand and germ layer. Parboiled rice has been partially steamed in its husk.  This drives the vitamins and minerals from the bran into the germ layer.

Parboiled rice is richer in Vitamin B and is less sticky. It is also better for gut health. Brown rice has only the husk removed and has more fibre, protein, minerals and vitamins. Red Rice is even better. It is red due to its high antioxidant content (anthocyanin). It is rich not only in protein and fibre like brown rice but also in iron and selenium. It is hulled or partially hulled and has a nutty flavour. Red rice poha is therefore a healthier option compared to white rice poha and is available in stores that stock products from the Konkan. It takes a little more time to cook but is delicious and best had fresh off the pan.

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