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Parboiled Rice Porridge or Ukda Tandul Pej | Dr. Manisha Talim

Parboiled Rice Porridge or Ukda Tandul Pej Ingredients: 1 cup Kokan ukda tandul kani, 6 cups water, salt. Directions: Soak the parboiled rice for one hour. Boil the six cups of water and then add the drained rice to this. Cook uncovered on a medium flame for 10 minutes and then for about half an […]

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Mind Your Internet Manners | Mukta Chaitanya

Mind Your Internet Manners(Netiquette)   Virtual etiquette is essentially how you behave online.   Technology disruption has created a new world involving a virtual work environment, which has changed how people communicate, react and connect. It’s time for us to realise, rebuild and reinvent workplaces and better communication strategies to survive in this new normal […]

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The Khadoos, Middle-Class Citizen | Bhakti Chapalgaonkar

The Khadoos, Middle-Class Citizen   Learn how to be a little snobbish to avoid getting walked over. Let’s see how being Khadoos helps us. You can classify the Indian middle-class population into two broad categories – timid or assertive. One says middle-class because the social issues plaguing the upper- or lower classes are quite different. […]

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Rajma Malvani Masala | Dr. Manisha Talim

Rajma Malvani Masala Ingredients: 1 cup of Rajma, ¼ cup grated coconut, 2 onions, ½ tsp coriander powder, ½ tsp cumin powder, 1 tsp Goda masala, 2 tsp Malvani masala, salt to taste, ½ tsp haldi, ½ tsp red chilli powder, 1 tbsp oil, 2 tbsp fresh coriander (chopped) Directions: Soak the Rajma overnight or […]

Raita | raita recipe | ripe pink guava | fresh pink guava | the pink guava

Pink Guava Raita | Dr. Manisha Talim

Pink Guava Raita Ingredients: 1 pink guava, 1 stalk of spring onion, ½ tsp red chilli powder, salt to taste, 100 gm yoghurt, ¼ tsp fennel powder. Directions: Peel the guava and chop it into small pieces. Rub the pieces with salt and red chilli powder and set aside. Finely chop the spring onion stalk […]

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A Pain in the Backside | Dr. Ashwini Wagh, M.S (Gen Surg)

A Pain in the Backside A detailed description of an ailment called haemorrhoids, their causes, symptoms and treatments. Haemorrhoids, commonly known as piles, are a lifestyle-related condition and can have a significant impact on one’s quality of life. These are seen only in humans since we have evolved to enjoy a bipedal gait (essentially the […]

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Cabbage Bhanola | Dr. Manisha Talim

Cabbage Bhanola Ingredients: 200 gm cabbage, 2 large onions, 3 cups besan, ½  tsp salt, 1 tsp red chilli powder, ½ tsp haldi, ½ tsp asafoetida or hing, ½ tsp baking soda, 10 raisins (kismis), juice of a lime. To grind: ½ cup coconut, ½ tsp jeera, 4 cloves garlic, ½ tsp coriander seeds, 1 […]

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Exercise Caution | Dr. Ajay Mahajan

Exercise Caution There is something as too much exercise – and that can be fatal. Let’s see how. Everyone wants to live a good life and enjoy it while it lasts. But in this fast-paced life, this sounds like a pipe dream. Rising stress levels lead to youngsters falling prey to lifestyle ailments, which otherwise […]

मोदक | modak recipe | indian cooking | indian cuisine

रताळ्याचे मोदक | सुनिता बुद्धिवंत, भाईंदर | Sweet Potato Modak | Sunita Buddhiwant, Bhayander

रताळ्याचे मोदक साहित्य: १ वाटी उकडून स्मॅश केलेले रताळे, १/२ वाटी खवा, १/२ वाटी साखर, १/२ वाटी दूध, १/४ वाटी डेसीकेटेड कोकोनट, १/४ वाटी मिल्क पावडर, १/४ वाटी तूप, जायफळपूड, वेलचीपूड, ड्रायफ्रूट्स्. कृती: प्रथम कुकरमध्ये पाणी न घालता रताळी उकडून घ्या. उकडलेली रताळी थंड झाल्यावर कुस्करून घ्या. कढईमध्ये १/२ वाटी खवा परतून बाजूला काढून ठेवा. […]

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Peppercorn Chicken | Dr. Manisha Talim

Peppercorn Chicken Ingredients: ½ kg chicken (or paneer/mushrooms for vegetarians, which will need half the cooking time), 4 tbsp yoghurt (not sour), 2 tbsp ginger-garlic paste, ½ tsp salt,  ½ tsp pepper. Masala: 2 onions, 3 garlic cloves, 1-inch ginger, 10 peppercorns, 1 tbsp oil. Directions: Prick the chicken with a fork, marinate with all […]