Kalnirnay Marathi Chaan Chote Periodical 2024



  1. Kalnirnay Compact Calmanac 2024
  2. Marathi Language Edition
  3. Pack of 1
  4. Wall Chart: 16 Pages
  5. Product Dimensions: 28.57 cm * 21.59 cm
  6. Festivals and holidays
  7. Auspicious and inauspicious days
  8. Monthly Panchang


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Kalnirnay Marathi Chaan Chote Periodical 2024 25.00

Compact Periodical 2024

Introducing the brand-new Kalnirnay Marathi Chaan Chote Compact Periodical 2024. You can stay on top of key deadlines, special events, and more with clear organization. This compact calmanac is an artistic design for your desk and wall. Its compact and portable size allows you to focus on planning, scheduling, and pursuing your everyday activities without taking up much space in your section. An excellent choice for the home, office, group, or as a gift, the hanging and pinnable calmanac can be hung anywhere and is easy to use.


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