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Jayraj Salgaonkar

Jayraj Salgaonkar

Jayraj Salgaokar

Co-founder, Editor, Publisher & Managing Director

Jayraj Salgaokar is the Co-founder, Editor, Publisher & Managing Director at Kalnirnay. An economist by training, Jayraj has a keen interest in literature, history and arts and has also authored several books on various subjects. Some of his books include Ajinkya Yoddha Bajirao, Saraswatancha Sankshipta Itihaas, Paisa Aani Madhyamvarga, Curzonkaal, New Gutenberg, Gorakhnath Enlightenment and Communication & Civilization. A trained mountaineer, Jayraj has also participated in the successful “Tata Everest Indian 98” expedition from Tibet to Mount Everest. Jayraj is also a columnist for newspapers as well as a participant speaker on economics & on various news channels. Jayraj has also worked closely with varied government bodies to bring together mega infrastructure projects and initiatives. Jayraj has also been a part of a special committee (Labour & Employment) on the Planning Commission.  He has also served on the board of the Indian Institute of Forest Management.

  • Co-Founder, Publisher & Managing Director of Kalnirnay, India’s Largest selling multilingual publication. Combined global sales of Kalnirnay are well over 12 million (The Marathi & Hindi editions sales certified by Audit Bureau of Circulation).
  • Editor of “Kalnirnay Sanskrutik, an up market Diwali (Festive) publication in Marathi.
  • Launched the first ever Indian web-site (NIC No 42) in 1996.
  • Working on mobile-telephony content managementof cultural relevance, with most of the mobile operators.
  • Launched Kalnirnay on iPad, iPhone & Android.
  • Filed a patent for OREN-horn usage meter to prevent sound pollution in cities.
  • Patented anti-copying special ink to prevent print piracy.
  • Published the first book ‘SamaVyasta’ in 1976 by innovative offset technique that was entirely new then, but is now used rampantly for budget publications. Writing regular articles in Loksatta, Maharashtra Times and a column ‘Blowing in the wind’ in daily newspaper DivyaMarathi. Wrote articles about agriculture, co-operative agro-marketing. Visiting lecturer on Newspaper printing technology and Internet in various colleges.
  • Published second book ‘KashasathiKuthvar’of colomn articles written for Lokmat, the largest selling Marathi daily.
  • Published a book “Jag Pravaha” (MaujPrakashan) on global trends & economics.
  • Recent books: Recently published AjinkyaYoddhaBajirao [History] (Parammitra Publishing), Paisa AaniMadhyamvarga [Economics] (Majestic Publishing). This book won the C.D.Deshmukh Award of Maharashtra State Govt. for the best book on economics(2012-13).
  • A member of Advisory Committee of “PradnyaPathshala”, Wai, a Government of Maharashtra Organisation working on education.
  • Neo-Gutenberg (A New project, is a tribute to great Gutenberg through a contemporary lens). The book aims to provide a history of mechanized communication and the forthcoming New Renaissance in offing, due to Information Technology (
  • Worked as Member on Board of Directors of Indian Institution of Forest Management, Govt. of India, Bhopal 1998-2001.
  • Worked closely with Dabhol Power Company (Enron) on Government, Media, Social, local and community issues for three years.
  • Also worked on the Managing Committee of “Granthalee” a readers co-operative publishing movement.
  • Undertaken some innovative socially oriented publishing projects.
  • Worked with Maharashtra Krishna Valley Development Corporation as a Financial Adviser for the mega-irrigation projects, local issues Media and the State Government for three years.
  • Member of a organising committee of Asian film festival ‘The Third Eye’.
  • Worked on Bombay Master Printers Association as a managing committee member in 1997 – 2000 and as a secretary in 2000-2001.
  • Worked on a committee on Labor and Employment in Planning Commission (Govt. of India)  (2009-2011).
  • Currently working for the Jaitaur Nuclear Power Project of Nuclear Power Corporation of India, on press-relations, community relations with the Chief Minister’s Office.

Mountaineering, done basic course at Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling and a few treks and two expeditions in the Himalayan range. Was a member of the successful “Tata Everest Indian 98” expedition to Mount Everest, the first successful attempt on the world’s highest mountain from the north-Tibet-face.

Founder member of R.Ruia College’s Amateur Movie Club “Ruia Film Society”.

  • Graduated in Economics from Ramnarayan Ruia College, University of Bombay.
  • Post Graduation from the Dept. of Economics, University of Bombay (1977-78). Diploma in Business Management from Wellingkar Institute of Management, University of Bombay. (1979-80)