Kalnirnay Gujarati Panchang Periodical 2024 (Pack of 5)



  1. Pack of 5
  2. Written in Gujarati
  3. Mentions significant dates in the Maharashtrian community.
  4. Includes details of auspicious and inauspicious days
  5. Informative articles on health, travel, education, etc.
  6. Monthly Panchang
  7. Monthly Horoscope
  8. Monthly wedding muhurat details
  9. Sankashta Chaturthi: Time of Moon-rising every month, based on the location
  10. Size: 28 x 44 cm

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Kalnirnay Gujarati Panchang Periodical 2024 (Pack of 5) 250.00

Gujarati 2024

Kalnirnay Gujarati Panchang Periodical 2024 is a collation of crucial information pertaining to religious and community festivals, events and national holidays in India. It includes the following:

  • Daily information is based on the Panchang along with sunrise and sunset timings. This is ideal for those looking for auspicious timings or muhurat for their personal events.
  • A daily, monthly and weekly forecast/horoscope for all zodiac signs to guide readers on various aspects of their personal lives.
  • Articles on various topics including astrology, health, education, global topics and much more.
  • Healthy and easy-to-follow recipes that are a great resource for anyone who enjoys cooking


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