Horoscope (English)- September 2022

Monthly Horoscope - September 2019


Restrain yourself in the first half of the month. Take a holistic approach when deciding financial matters. The latter half will be favourable. Take care of health.


Ensure that no one is hurt by your words. The experience of elders in the family will be helpful in testing times. Be extra cautious during travel. Sports personalities will get opportunities. Postpone investments.


You will have an upper hand at work. Financial gains are indicated. Discussion with seniors will be helpful. The latter half of the month is a little tricky. Perturbation is likely due to disputes in family.


Do not underestimate your opponents. Do not take any financial decision without advice from elders. Avoid getting close to strangers. Professional growth will be satisfactory. You will resolve personal issues confidently.


This is the period to be extra cautious. Do not antagonize colleagues and friends. Be careful about income and expenditure. Eliminate family disputes on time. Avoid any investment for the time being.


Manage finances. Avoid unnecessary spending. Mental stress is indicated in the first half of the month. Seniors will expect more from you. Keep control on the speed of your vehicle. Acidity related complaints indicated for some.


You will impress others at work. Accurate decisions and efficiency will increase success rate. Matter pending with the government will be cleared. A good deed is indicated. Be careful as some adverse conditions are indicated in the latter half of the month.


There are good opportunities for business expansion. Those in job will be promoted. Financial stability is on the cards. Partnership and legal disputes should be settled mutually.



Be aware of responsibilities. Meeting expectations of seniors appears to be tough for the time being. Be careful about valuables during your travel. The latter half of the month will be favourable. Efforts will bear fruits.


Ignore allegations by opponents and continue to move ahead. Control your anger. Do not be emotional in financial decisions. Take long term investment decisions considering your financial position.


You lose something to gain something. Family will be ignored due to increasing work load. Do not let the relatives interfere in your family matters. Stomach related issues indicated for some.


The planetary position is favourable. The growth chart will rise. Grab opportunities coming your way. Social stature will grow. Be cautious, not to let misunderstandings escalate in latter half. Be responsible.