Monthly Horoscope (English) – September 2018

Monthly Horoscope - September 2018


Caution is indicated this month while you carry yourself among your friends. Minor matters may lead to misunderstandings. With the support of Guru you enjoy, it will not be difficult to overcome adversity. Ladies should stick to their guns.


Your health needs to be looked after as you expand the scope of your work and assume more responsibilities. Settle familial disputes early and earn your peace of mind. Your diet needs to be controlled


Events you look forward to happen at work-place. Superiors will be pleased with your work.

You will get the expected co-operation from your friends. Unexpected travel will cause discomfort.


Do not put too much trust in new acquaintances. Back-biters will unnecessarily disturb your peace of mind. Family atmosphere will be joyful. Do not take law into your own hands.


“New day, new page” will be the theme of the month. Opponents will be subdued. Make best of the circumstances. Do not make financial investments following casual acquaintances. The jobless will find job opportunities.


The times warrant deciding carefully while reaching financial decisions. Purge your mind of all negativity. It will be in your interest to keep on working without making any prestige issue. Ladies need to look after their health.


Do not imagine ghosts in the dark. Face the problems courageously. Ensure that expenses don’t exceed income. You will participate in social work. You may get some sacred accomplishment to your credit.


Imaginative  ideas employed to enhance the speed of progress at work will prove successful. Financial status will be raised. Do not expect much from your near ones. Be on the guard against petty thefts while travelling.


Looks like you will have to employ a new technique to fight the competition at work. You will get disturbed by even a minor event, though the stars are not unfavorable. Ladies are advised to resist avoidable shopping.


Overconfidence is always dangerous. This is the time to be somewhat cautious.Being self-righteous will unnecessarily cause losses.


In this month will make you happy as you attain your goal. Success at work and nonplussed opponents will see you galloping ahead. Do not feed the differences with your friends.


You are bound to succeed if you avoid hasty decisions. Don’t try to be self-righteous and prove yourself to friends or family. Physical discomfort due to change in the climate is indicated.