Monthly Horoscope (English) – October 2018

Monthly Horoscope - October 2018


This month is going to make you happy because of some favorable happening on a personal level. However your timetable may go haywire due to unexpected illness of a family member


You will have to face some unpleasant events in the first half of the month. However the second half is encouraging. You will have the last word. Use it properly to get long-term benefi ts. Avoid arguments.


Salaried people will get a chance to prove their skills to their superiors. Do not let domestic feuds cross threshold. Avoid transactions among friends rather than risking future bitterness. Work will entail travel.


The times are conducive and let your talents find scope. Give priority to financial planning. You can avoid many misunderstandings and losses if you can control your anger. Some discomfort is indicated while travelling.


Ensure that nobody is getting undue advantage out of your acquaintance. Good income is indicated. The latter half will be encouraging. Expected performance will be achieved. Students will succeed at competitive examinations.


Success is not difficult if you adopt a somewhat flexible policy. Efforts will bring success. An unpleasant act of a near one could be mood spoiler.


This is mixed month. Change in area of work and some new responsibilities are on the card. You will have to employ a sweet tongue to get things done. Opponents may harass you over petty matters. Be patient and have restrain.


You are blessed with a favorable atmosphere this month. Desirable happenings abound. Proceed only after taking your colleagues into confidence. Family expenditure will go up. Attend to health issues in time.


Obstacles in your path will be removed and the things you undertake will easily get done. Ensure that your speech is not becoming harsh. Banquets are indicated. You will get to know prestigious people.


“Be content with what you have…” is what the stars foretell this month. Decide depending upon the situation. Do not get distracted even if there are obstacles on the way to your goals. Control your mind and your tongue.


You will have to carry out major modifications in your work systems so as to reap benefits of the changing situation. Decide in consultation with your superiors. Restraining your mind and roper use of words is essential.



Any dispute can be sorted out if handled with patience. You are blessed with Guru’s support this month. Your thinking will be in the right direction. Sources of financial gain will be apparent.