Monthly Horoscope (English) – November 2018

Monthly Horoscope - November 2018


Remember, ‘A bird in hand is worth two in the bush’. You will have to make changes in your work schedule. Avoid unnecessary ventures on the financial front. Work for making your domestic atmosphere pleasing.


Put in a bit more work going out of way and that will ease your pressure. If you sense that others are expecting too much from you, a timely refusal will be in order. Family atmosphere will be happy and good.


‘Sweet tongue while speaking to relatives!’ says this month. In the latter half of the month you will experience a sense of achievement. Social events and honours are likely. No competition and rat race among friends please.


 Progress is not difficult if you root out negative thoughts. Handle domestic arguments tactfully. You will be able to avoid misunderstandings if you use your words appropriately. Look after your belongings while travelling.


Your present success should not make you more aggressive. You will get expected cooperation from your family members. The time is not right to pursue real estate matters.


Your words rightly combined with your deeds will pre-empt disappointments. Every person who keeps you company, may not be trustworthy. Exercise caution in financial deals.


This month will be comforting if you realize that you should not compare each and everything with others. Opponents are always lurking, you should not provide them opportunities on a platter. Try and keep your mind quiet and peaceful.


Ups and downs are a part of life. Life will be satisfactory on one side and painful on the other. Scheming relatives will naturally upset you. Try to improve your concentration.


Be prepared to face problems that arise all of a sudden when everything is going on smoothly. There will be favourable events in the fi rst half. Estimates of expenses are likely to go wrong. Control the speed of your vehicles.


This month will raise the income level. This is the month to get important things done. Land and property matters gain momentum. You will be happy with your friends. Compromise is advisable on the family front.


Do not depend on others in the field of your work. The times are favorable to exploit your social status and contacts. Expenses will be unreasonably high. Be ready with alternative arrangements.


You will achieve expected success in your field of work but some unpleasant events on the familial level will bother you. You will create your own headache if you give credence to what your enemy says.