Horoscope (English)- May 2019

Monthly Horoscope - May 2019


Realise your limitations before blaming others. You will have to work hard and be positive to fulfil expectations. Be more vigilant at work. Latter part will bring happiness. Do not ignore eye related ailments.


Accurate assessment of people at work is crucial. Cut those putting obstacles in your way, to size. Family life will be happy. Heat related ailments are indicated for some.


Positive thinking will boost confidence to work. Guidance by seniors will help you have an upper hand. However, be careful in financial dealings. Matters stuck at government level will expedite. Expenses on travel are on cards for some.


This month will be exciting. Financial dealings will get proper direction. Pending matters will be cleared. Company of respected people will bring happiness. You will handle family disputes tactfully. Acidity and Respiratory Tract infections are likely for some.


 You will have to trade cleverly to turn the tables on opponents. Overcome negative thoughts. Some false statements are likely to be attributed to you. Handle the situation cleverly.


Even a small spark can blow into a major fire. Be vigilant at work. Take up a new project only after thorough study. Business travel is indicated. Ensure to keep the word.


 A holistic thought is a must before taking major work related decisions. Verify availability of logistic support, take up only those many responsibilities, which you can fulfil. Do not wash your dirty linen in public. Follow the diet chart.


The first half of the month is favourable. Desired tasks will be achieved. Your untiring efforts will bear fruits. Do not take an extreme stand if some untoward incidents arise in the latter half of the month. Be careful about stomach related issues.



 You will have to compromise for the family. The trusted one could cause problem. Be alert. Carefully decide on the proposal of travel. Do not be in a hurry. Issues related to digestive system likely.


 This is the time for you to get increased support for efforts. Be careful not to reveal frustration due to sudden hindrances at work, to your opponents. Try to protect your dignity. Ups and Downs are likely on the financial front.


The planetary position could be favourable-unfavourable. Be careful not to add to enemies by your choice of words. The interference of relatives in family matters will be perturbing. Keep cool and find a way out on this. Consult the elders in the family.


Maintain mental balance in case of some unexpected events. Do not show unnecessary courage in business / job. Some desired incidents are likely to arise in the latter part of the month. It will bring the breeze in life. Women should be careful about health.