Monthly Horoscope (English)- May 2018

Monthly Horoscope - May 2018


Don’t just think, act! Work will progress at a slower pace. Increase the speed of your efforts. Take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves in the second half.


 You plan everything properly, which leads to ease of work – always stick to this formula. Negotiate cautiously in monetary deals. Do not take impulsive decisions. Concentration in work is Essential.


If you want your purpose to be served, modify your behavior and speech accordingly. Focus on accuracy at work. Do not cross the limits of your authority. You will have to control your expenses on entertainment and luxury.


It is time to enjoy the fruits of your toil. If you take correct steps, you will definitely win, and your rivals’ activities will be curbed. In financial matters do not put undue trust in anybody, you may get cheated.


Times ride on low and high tides. Take care of your elders’ health. The second half will boost your self-confidence. Your superiors will appreciate your work. Postpone investment proposals.


Jupiter (Guru) is in supportive mode. Your adversary is going to give in to your sweet and Reasonable argument. Do not make tall promises to your friends that you cannot keep. Take care of your health.


‘Think less, act more’ should be your policy. Action should get priority over thought. Experts’ advice will be beneficial for financial growth. You will have to face occasional problems in the latter half. Control your tongue.



The time is ripe for work to fructify. Performance will receive a boost. You will discover an easy solution for what you thought difficult. You can foil prejudices with proper use of words. There should be no business deals with friends. Travel will make you happy.


‘Avoid arguments – avoid headaches’, bear this in mind, and you will not meet resistance on the way. The sun will support in the second half, which will help you overcome adversities. Pending work will get speeded up.


Settle differences in family within the precincts of the family itself. It is currently essential to control your diet. While travelling, unforeseen circumstances may lead to discomfort. Postpone any work related to land and properties.


The stars are entirely with you granting favors. Pending work will get sorted out. Your word will gain weight. You will enjoy better social status. Company of your friends will make you happy.


Choose whom to trust and act accordingly. Backbiters can create problems. It will be beneficial to resolve issues amicably. Controlling diet and lifestyle is necessary for maintaining health