Horoscope (English)- June 2019

Monthly Horoscope - June 2019


Your hard work will bear fruits. The experiments in profession will be successful. Minor financial problems are indicated in the first half of the month. But situation will be favourable in second half.


This month, the planetary position could be favourable-unfavourable. Self-reliance will be the key, rather than depending upon colleagues. Do not reveal your future plans. Do not ignore stomach and eye related problems.


Always remember, ‘You have to lose something to gain something.’ There is no alternative to hard work. Keep expenses under control. Resolve disputes with relatives in time, Do not fuel them. You can overcome your opponents.


The first half of the month is favourable. You can overcome the obstacles with the blessings of elders. Be cautious during financial decisions in partnership business. Do not fall prey to illusions. Women should be ready for added family responsibilities.


The planetary position is favourable this month. Seniors will take note of your performance. Desired responsibilities will come your way. Financial gain is on the cards. The disputes about real estate will be resolved.


 In this age of cut throat competition, keep professional matters away from the family. Consistency and accuracy in efforts is a must for success. Business travels is indicated for some. Latter part is favourable.


 Disputes are not only perturbing, but also a waste of time and money. Keep away from this, for peace of mind and success. Do not create prestige issues unnecessarily. Keep away from controversies. Do not invite trouble.


 There is nothing wrong in being optimistic, but one must know its limitations. Trust your capabilities rather than depending on someone else. Avoid debts. Take care of valuable items during travel.



 Though Sun is favourable in the first half of the month, you need to be careful about personal matters. The situation will be tricky as family members will go against you. Eye related issues are likely.


An unpleasant incident is likely in the friend circle in the first half of the month. Do not react to it immediately. Financial condition will improve in the latter half. Pending matters will be cleared. You will defeat the opponents.


Money matters will be a rope walk this month. Use your words carefully. Opponents will try to corner you in some matter. You will have to outsmart them cleverly.


This will be a pleasurable month as the seniors will acknowledge your performance. Financial gains are indicated for some. Be careful, number of opponents are likely to be increase. Those suffering from blood pressure should be careful.