Monthly Horoscope (English)- June 2018

Monthly Horoscope - June 2018


Stars decree a mixed blessing. Efforts will be rewarded. Do not trust your new and casual companions. Patience and fortitude are the need of the hour. Do not neglect your eyes. The latter half will make you happier.


Opine carefully as you enter domestic squabbles. The powerful and the politicians can cause trouble in certain areas. Do not neglect digestion. Unexpected travel is likely for housewives..


There is a disparity in what you anticipate and what actually takes place. Do not get disturbed. A little patience is all you need to tread ahead effectively. Travel will bring about joy and happiness. Expenses rise.


March ahead without indulging in your success too much. Your word will carry weight in the society and it will bring you more prestige. Blessing of elderly and erudite bring success. Work-related travel indicated in the latter half.


This month brings a contented sense of fulfillment. Opportunities beckon as you manage to be at the ‘right place at the right time.’ You get entrusted with more responsibilities at work. Family life will be satisfying. Wealth increases.


Avoiding extremes will make the journey easier. You will have to face deliberate allegations. Stick to your resolve. Do not deviate from your goal.


At present it is necessary to monitor the surrounding happenings closely. Stars are not that favorable. You will experience financial crunch but do not go for a loan. Health problems crop up too.


Getting opposed by your own people is real torture! The circumstances you face currently are somewhat similar. Finances get fortified a bit. Strict compliance with government regulations is advisable.


You will have to expend more effort and strength this month even for minor achievements. However success will be pleasing. You get enthused as superiors offer expected co-operation at work.


You may have to face unexpected problems in the first half of the month. Do not get disturbed. In the latter half you will enjoy better authority at work. Opponents will lie low.


Some events in this month will be quite comforting. Old debts get recovered. Artists find publicity and fame. It is important to exercise moderation in your consumptions. Avoid financial deals among friends.


Events of the month wear a ‘some please and some displease’ tag. Tread cautiously. Do not express yourself without hearing out the other person. Income will be good.