Horoscope (English)- July 2019

Monthly Horoscope - July 2019


Do not be happy with minor successes. Carry out real estate deals within the legal framework. Perturbation seem likely due to some unpleasant incidents at home.


You need to be highly cautious while choosing friends. Latter half is favourable in your profession. You will earn respect in profession. Friends will be cooperative as expected.


Incidental obstacles are likely to delay the routine. Think twice before committing anything. Do not ignore eye related problems.


There will be some anxiety due to the professional demands and mental condition. However, concentrate on work as of now. Disputes are likely with relatives. Women will enjoy professional success.


Clever coordination of determination, hard work and creativity will keep the growth ascending. Things will happen as desired. New opportunities will come in profession. Be more alert in the latter half of the month. Control expenses.


Planetary position is largely favourable. Self-confidence will sail you to new heights. There will be respect in the society. New avenues for earning will open. Family life will be pleasurable. Vehicle purchase is likely.


  Possible misunderstandings could be avoided if the situation is handled with patience. Put important tasks for the latter half of the month. Business travel is likely. Do not be trapped in the temptation of investments.


The current planetary position is not very favourable. Ensure that competitors can’t access your business secrets, plans and important documents. Be aware of the person spreading misunderstanding in the family.



Handle misunderstandings cleverly. Work load will increase. Ill health of a family member will keep you on toes. Avoid debts. Abide by the rules and laws.


The month will begin with happiness. Assignments taken up will be completed successfully. Ensure that misunderstandings Do not arise in family in the latter half of the month. Stomach related issues are likely to arise.


Betrayal by closed one hurts the most. You are likely to experience this. The situation will change in the latter half. Women will get an opportunity to work in the field of their choice.


Do not run away from duties. Actions should be preferred than euphoria. Changes in business/job will be successful. Do not ignore health. Avoid financial dealing among friends.