Monthly Horoscope (English) – July 2018

Monthly Horoscope - July 2018


Some worrisome happenings may distract you while you can clearly see the path of progress. Stick to your resolve. Circumstances will soon take a favorable turn. Keep the issues regarding house on the back burner for a while.


Presently, it may not be proper to weigh and compare each and every thing. The first half may witness new acquaintances causing bitterness. The second half is more favorable. Good income indicated.



Do not disclose your financial capabilities or your future business plans, estimates etc., secrecy is essential. Present times are not conducive to implementing new ideas. Do not trespass the legal framework.


‘Reap as you sow’ should be your guiding principle. Plan your finances thoughtfully. There is a need to limit fun frolic. Family issues need to be resolved cleverly. Consult experts for long term investments.


The first half of this month will encourage your abilities and your resolve. Work atmosphere will be energetic. You will win favours from your superiors and snub your opponents. Some caution is indicated in the second half.


Stars are favorable in a way. Some may benefit by travelling. Works pending with government offices will get sorted out. Friends will be co-operative. Income level will rise. 


Unexpected expenses will make it difficult to make both ends meet. Watch out and do not let the number of opponents rise. Positive thinking will induce you to work. Always weighing and comparing will lead to disappointment.



Your real strength is your identity you developed by staking yourself in your domain. You will be able to implement new schemes with the help of your superiors. Expenses rise at the family level.


Business poses some challenges. Proceed without indulging in differences of opinion. Look after the health of the aged in the family. Some compromise is advised to keep the family happy


Tightrope- walking may become necessary this month as income and outgoing try to equate. At work implement important decisions only after consulting your superiors


These are trying times. Enter in business deals only with due consideration to your financial capabilities. Do not over commit. Do not place undue trust in your friends. Spend only if it is really necessary.


The first half of the month will bring expected success, but caution is warranted in the next half. Avoid discussing private matters with friends. Do not depend on anybody while entering business deals. Do not misuse your authority.