Horoscope (English)- January 2019

Monthly Horoscope - January 2019


New Year greetings! Concent-ration, determination and hard work are the key to achieve goals. Income will be satisfactory. Relying on lesser known people in job-business for vital task could be troublesome.


The stars are favourable in the beginning of the year. The first half of the month will be more successful. Income can go up. However, the latter half of the month could be a little unpleasant.


There will be little anxiety due to differences with some people in the first half of the month. But it should not be a major concern. You could win on all the fronts in second half of the month. The professional graph will be ascending.


The beginning of New Year will bring joy. Active participation in social work is on the cards. Do not ignore health issues, however small. A little mental stress is likely due to domestic issues in the latter half of the month.


Stars caution at the onset of the year, Do not rely too much on friends. Your boss will be impressed with your capabilities. Do not rely on a single source of advice, in latter half of the month. Consult experts / specialists.


 Some unpleasant incidents likely to leave a bitter taste. Be careful not to increase enemies by your words/deeds. You need to be vigilant while buying / selling real estate.


This New Year will bring good news of financial gains. Do not be attracted by increased source of income, fulfil your responsibilities. Control on eating with friends is a must in the latter half of the month.


Do not forget ‘Bad Company Corrupts the Character.’ The latter half of the month will be more successful and better than first half. Obstacles will be reduced. It is a favourable time for investment. Do not ignore your health.



Be alert in the beginning of the year. Malicious behaviour by a loved one can cause anxiety. Do not take any extreme steps immediately. Be careful while taking decisions on financial matters. Women should be careful about health.


 Long distance business travel is indicated for some. Keep a check on your expenses. Hard work in job / business will bear fruits. Keep a close eye on the activities of hidden enemies.


The New Year is all set to begin with good news. Do not let success drive you. The latter half will bring more success. Acidity related health problems are indicated for some.


 Meeting eminent personalities is on cards. New opportunities will come your way. Use them cleverly. Success in financial dealings will be a confidence booster.