Horoscope (English)- February 2019

Monthly Horoscope - February 2019


The planetary position in this month could be a favourable or unfavourable. Complete important tasks in the first half of the month. Self confidence will bring success. Avoid unnecessary expenses. Do not let the conflicts with family members escalate.


You will be very particular about money matters. Spend the cash in hand wisely. You need to ensure that you maintain a cordial relationship with your boss. Do not ignore health complaints related to acidity and respiratory tract.


 Your stars this month will help you resolve family matters within four walls. You must be extra cautious since opponents are ready to make a move on the smallest of opportunities. Do not rely on co-workers.


 In this month a favourable position of Jupiter is the main advantage. Treas cautiously to beat your enemies. There will be ups and downs in your professional life. There is a possibility of your routine being impacted by illness in family.


 The motto for the month is ‘high concentration, larger success.’ The first half is more fruitful. Matters pending at government offices will be cleared. Your success will be hampered with unexpected hindrances in the latter half of the month.


Avoid entering into any dealing with friends. The behaviour of some friends could be the reason for anxiety in the first half of the month. Incidental travel won’t be very pleasurable. Good news will come your way in the latter half of the month. Family life will be good.


 Your mental ability will be tested this month. Earning will be good. Success will be satisfactory. However, some unforeseen obstacles will slow down the pace. Try to overcome misunderstandings with friends.


The worlds seems a better place when one earns success and money. The present planetary position indicates the same for you. You need to trade cautiously though. New avenues will open for artists. Disputes about real estate will arise.



The planets this month say, ‘Do not add to the work load.’ Avoid taking up new responsibilities unnecessarily. Think of your capabilities before committing. Do not rely on others for keeping commitments. Latter half is favourable. Increase the pace of your work.


Continue control on eating. Disputes are likely with friends, handle the situation cleverly. Be cautious in financial dealings. Women will have to compromise for reconciliation in family.


Always remember, ‘You have to lose something to gain something.’ The favourable conditions at work will boost your self confidence. Do not cross the limits of authority. Careful selection of words will avoid misunderstandings.


You will fly high in the first half with accurate presumptions and support from your family. Earning will be good. This is the period of intellectual growth. However, miniscule tasks might demand more time and devotion in latter half of the month.