Horoscope (English)- February 2018

Monthly Horoscope - February 2018


The stars being favorable this month, you will be able to convince others. You may have to take up some new responsibilities at workplace. Travel for work is likely. Take care of your health.


The stars do not help much. You approach should be to ‘sail in the direction of the wind’. There will be attempts to discredit you, do not be perturbed. In the end, you will be successful.


You need to be alert and keep your rivals in check this time around. It will be difficult to control your expenses, though. Some differences between business partners are likely. Give due consideration to their proposals as well.


Arguments with relatives are possible this month. You will lose time and energy for no Reason or rhyme. You may achieve expected progress in the field of your work. You will also participate in social work.


You will scale new heights of success this month. However, you have to restrain your mind. Be more alert about your new plans in your business or profession. Ensure your rivals do not get a hint of it


The salaried will have to take on challenging responsibilities. If you work consistently, you will definitely achieve success. Do not fall prey to false promises. Monetary gains are indicated in the second half.


There is possibility of more time, energy and money being wasted on petty things this month. Get your work done with patience and sweet talk. At least for now, do not indulge in monetary transactions among your friends.


This month tells you to ‘pay more attention to your subordinates’. Instead of making a big deal about your designation and stature, stay focused on work, and you will achieve what you desire. Travel for work is in the air.



Drowse conflicts with colleagues before they escalate. “My way is the highway” policy is not desirable. Ensure a bright and happy family atmosphere.


The stars tell you to ‘improve focus and devotion towards your work’. Do not let your health problems affect your work. Make sure that your words are not misinterpreted.


You may have to travel all of a sudden, because of some unforeseen event. Increase in Income will boost your self-confidence. Do not ignore the problems of acidity and indigestion. Do not let familial arguments go up.


The time is ripe for a profit in business and a promotion at job. Do not ignore your bodily health while facing new challenges. Stay on the wicket and the runs will come of themselves! Try to keep a check on your expenses.