Horoscope (English)- December 2019

Monthly Horoscope - December 2019


 The planetary position for this month is favourable-unfavourable. Avoid delay and laziness while on important task. You will succeed in gaining confidence of seniors at work. Be alert to avoid misunderstanding about you among relatives. Do not fall prey to investment plans.


Bitterness with someone is unavoidable while achieving goals. Continue stride Do not think about it. New acquaintances will be beneficial. The current period is satisfactory as far as finances are concerned. Women will have to discharge family responsibilities.


The support from the Sun and Jupiter will help you sail through difficult times in the first half of the month. Be warned, over confidence could be harmful in the latter half. Distance yourself from friends for the time being.


The success story will continue with alertness, patience and endurance. Do not let the number of opponents go up. The second half will bring more relief as your word will be respected. Do not trust strangers during travel.


You need to pull up your socks to complete important tasks. The month is largely smooth except possibility of an unpleasant incident. You will have to walk a tight rope to keep your accounts in control. It is better to avoid party invitations.


Financial gains are indicated in the first half of the month. Control on language is a must. Do not take any decisions in the heat of emotion. Meetings with old friends will be nostalgic. Desired support from family members looks difficult.


 Success will not be easy. This is the time to keep cool and work. Do not put your prestige at stake for short term gains. Avoid arguments in job / business. You will gain an upper hand in the latter half.


Be careful of loose talkers and rumour mongers. Maintain secrecy about business decisions. You will have to take decisions on your own. Do not express your opinion in a haste. Take all the necessary precaution while driving.



Decide the importance of matters first. Sudden expenses will send the budget over the roof. Matters stuck in government departments will get moving. Financial gains are likely in latter half of the month. Women should not give much importance to the minuscule issues.


 Different situations will require different approach. New important responsibilities will come your way. Your area of authority will expand. Auspicious events in family will keep you elated. Cash in hand will be satisfactory.


Guidance of elders will help sorting out long pending tasks and it will bring satisfaction and joy to you. Friends will cooperate as per expectations. Financial gains indicated in real estate dealings. You will outsmart opponents.  


Dialogue can resolve issues and not arguments. Do not reveal your future plans. Favourable conditions in the latter half will help you move towards fulfilling your desires. You will be elated in the company of your favourite person.