Monthly Horoscope (English) – December 2018

Monthly Horoscope - December 2018


You will progress towards success on the strength of your hard work, consistency in work and experience. Decide taking into consideration the changing circumstances. People may try to prove you wrong in this month.


Remember, ‘Familiarity breeds contempt’ as you traverse the course of this month. Do not cross the limits of your authority. Stay away from quick gains and temptations. Do control your diet.


This month you enjoy sense of fulfillment. Patience is advised against any unexpected treatment by a near one. Do not neglect the increasing scheming by your opponents. Ladies will have to shoulder new responsibilities.


The first of the month is not favorable for important work. The latter half is favorable and hence suitable to implement financial decisions. Too much trust in friendship may prove detrimental. Control vehicle speed.


Do not expect cooperation at family level at least at present. At work, ill-doings of the opponents will be on the rise. Postpone land and real estate matters. Travel could be fraught with unexpected discomfort.


This month you need to curb expenses even if you are not going to feel the crunch. Things get done to your satisfaction in the first half. Some unpleasant events are likely in the second half. Insist on conducting financial deals in written format.


Do not commit or decide against your mind under the influence of some new acquaintance. Work will be hectic. Be careful and do not allow minor family tiffs to escalate into major crisis.


Time to take care not to hurt anybody with your words or actions. Treat blood-related ailments immediately. Ladies derive peace of mind by participating in religious events.


Some may have to travel this month for work. Separation from the beloved is likely. Income will be satisfactory. Arrest indigestion and related ailments in time. Control your tongue.


The times predict success and prosperity. Events bring multiple joys. However do not flaunt your success, as your near ones will be jealous. Auspicious and good news are likely on the home front. Move with a cautious stance in your friend circle.


Happy events take place; on the other hand unpleasant behavior by your beloved persons can cause dejection. You will be in good books of your superiors. Action should get priority. House issues get sorted out.


In this month you meet people in whose company you rejoice. The latter half of this month is more encouraging. Children’s progress will be satisfactory. Earnings will be good.