Horoscope (English)- August 2019

Monthly Horoscope - August 2019


Face the situation with confidence. Advice from experienced people will help getting matters cleared. Avoid financial dealings in friendship. Untiring efforts will ensure success. Family matters can be resolved only by dialogue.


Success will be eminent. Financial gains and cooperation from seniors will boost confidence. Pleasurable incidents in married life are indicated. Problems related to land or real estate will arise in the latter half.


Guidance from seniors will help overcome obstacles. You will outsmart hidden enemies. Financial gains are likely. Favourable conditions in latter half will help you grow in job/business.


Find the way out on obstacles with patience. An important responsibility will come your way in the profession. Disputes in family will be perturbing. Do not ignore stomach related complaints.


Everything will not happen as per your wish. Do not let the unpleasant incidents affect your daily life. Be extra cautious during travel. Eye related complaints are indicated for some. Women should be careful about health.


The current planetary position is conducive for boosting self confidence and enthusiasm. This is a good period to complete desired tasks. Respect at government offices will grow. Those in jobs can get promotions. Business travel is likely.


 Beware, decisions taken in haste can cost you. You will be in the company of respected personalities. Business expansion plans can be executed. Control eating. Pay attention to the health of your life partner.


Decide on the people who should be close to you and who should be kept at bay. Hasty decisions will cause losses. The latter part of the month is favourable. Wishes will be fulfilled. It is a right time for making investments. Family life will be satisfactory.



Success will depend on efforts. Think carefully on investment proposals. Do not let disputes with opponents affect your routine. Health complaints are likely.


This is a testing time for you. Rely only on your capabilities. Do not keep hopes from anyone. Be careful about the health of seniors in family. Abide by the rules and laws.


 Expected success is indicated this month. Accurate business decisions will open new avenues of earning. Popularity will come your way with participation in social activities. Eccentric behaviour of a family member will cause anxiety.


Your word will gain respect in job/ business. Many stalled matters will get going. Misunderstandings in family will reduce and bring in happiness. It is a right time for investment. Those willing to marry will get suitable proposals.