Monthly Horoscope (English) – August 2018

Monthly Horoscope - August 2018


Work without yielding to pressure. Consulting the superiors will prove useful. A thrifty deal may ultimately prove costly. Do not expect much from your friends.


Your health needs to be looked after as you expand the scope of your work and assume more responsibilities. Settle familial disputes early and earn your peace of mind. Your diet needs to be controlled


Exercise more caution in business deals. Stars are favorable in the latter half of the month. Your word will carry weight. Landed estate matters could progress.


You work with more enthusiasm as the expected opportunity at work presents itself. Maintain confidentiality about your schemes and decisions. Do not neglect stomach problems. Avoid transactions among your acquaintances.


You are bound  to succeed when you work with confidence. Work may entail staying away from home. Closely monitor the happenings on the financial front. Avoid arguments with friends.


Steer clear of temptations. Your work and your resolve are bound to lead you to victory. Stars are favorable. Speedy progress at work is indicated. Finances will improve.


“Decide for yourself” says this month. It is time to stop your relatives from interfering. You will derive satisfaction on the work front..


A long awaited happening takes place this month. Income will increase but it will be detrimental to your interest if you decide without consulting the superiors or the experts.Checkmating the opponents will not be difficult.


This month even a minor task may need a lot of push. Do not get bogged down by a little adversity. Avoid harsh tongue and outcome will be in your favor. Do not yield to misunderstandings in the family.


Overconfidence is always dangerous. This is the time to be somewhat cautious.Being self-righteous will unnecessarily cause losses.


In this month will make you happy as you attain your goal. Success at work and nonplussed opponents will see you galloping ahead. Do not feed the differences with your friends.


Excepting an undesirable event in the first half of the month, the month promises to be a good one. The later half will witness achievements to your satisfaction. Do not, however, trespass

the Law.