Horoscope (English)- April 2019

Monthly Horoscope - April 2019


A lot can be achieved if you keep your cool. Income will be good in first half of the month. Some untoward incidents will cause perturbation in the latter half. Come out of it cleverly.


Blessings of elders and expansion of authority at work will boost enthusiasm and success as well. End disputes with colleagues on time. Good news is likely on family front in the latter half.


Do not be Pound wise Penny foolish. One, who knows proper utilisation of resources, can overcome any financial crisis. Success in government related matters. Those who want to get married will find a suitable groom. Timely treatment of acidity related ailments is needed.


This is the month of success, whichever field you enter. You will enjoy job satisfaction with the success. Social acclaim is on the cards. Be careful about stomach related complaints. Women should watch health while performing their duties.


Keep the ego out if you want to succeed. Do not let emotions dominate the decision making. A major responsibility is likely to come your way. You will need to be compromising on a family front.


Misunderstandings in family can be highly perturbing. Avoid it. Your knowledge will be appreciated in society. Read all the documents carefully before investing. Be careful about your health during travel.


Remember, a bird in hand is worth two in bush. Keep away from temptations of easy money. Status quo is beneficial in this situation.


Confidence on friends could create a problem. Need to compromise on family level. Latter half of the month will be productive. Matters stuck will be cleared. Financial gain is on the cards.



The planetary position will be a cause of worry in the first half of the month. Consult experts while taking financial decisions. Be patient. Avoid arguments. Latter half is pleasurable and fruitful.


Money is not life. This month, you will experience that, at times, good relations are more precious than money. The activities of hidden enemies will reduce. Respect the feelings of family members.


Well planned schemes will bear fruits. Good opportunities will come your way in career. Some pleasurable developments are indicated on the family front in the latter half of the month. Women will participate in religious activities.


Try to fulfil responsibilities on time. Your health is a delicate issue. Control on food will help you enjoy during journey. Be cautious about limits while with friends.