Horoscope (English)- April 2018

Monthly Horoscope - April 2018


Presently, it is essential to raise the speed and quality of our work. Handle tactfully if a near one is behaving or speaking tangentially. Do not neglect indigestion. Control conspicuous expenditure.


You will be able to rein in success by making most of the astral support. Remember, to take away anything you need to give away something, so do not fret over the apparent losses.


Your Guru in support is your strong support. Relations with the bigwigs in the society will come to your help. Auspicious event at home likely. However, some volatility is possible on the family front.


Mars will help augment your earnings. Supporting Sun will also be useful in the second half. Relatives do cause headaches, but restrain and patience will reduce the severity of irritation.


 You are forewarned to be cautious in your dealings this month. Opponents will gain an upper hand. You can have the last word by being logical and to the point rather than by entering into arguments.


Do not spill out your differences with relatives to others; the situation may worsen if you Illness of some family members may throw your schedule out of gear. Past investments come handy.


There always ups and downs in life. This month you will experience your favorable stars at various levels.


Compared to the first half, the latter half of the month is more encouraging and leading to progress. You may become sour at crazy remarks by one of your friends. Abiding by Law is advisable.


 ‘To be alert is to be happy’. The stars want you to be more alert this month. A near one could be scheming against you. Guard yourself against pickpockets while you travel.


The joy  that comes when you earn to your satisfaction is unique. You are going to enjoy such joy at present. The first half will be more encouraging. Avoid land deals in the latter half.


Rahu will be favorable to you at this juncture. Pending work gets progressed. Do not depend on slight acquaintances in your deals. Mars will be favorable and will ease your financial worries.


Most of the problems will get resolved if you carefully plan what to propose and when. Some may suffer from eye-ailments. Be extremely guarded against your secret foes. Those wanting to enter wedlock will find a perfect match.