Horoscope – October 2017

Horoscope - October 2017

Aries | Kalnirnay Horoscope 2017


You will defeat enemies easily

Lucky Color : Yellow

Lucky Number : 9

Moon-Herschel 1st House, Rahu 4th, Mars-Venus 5th, Sun-Mercury 6th, Jupiter 7th, Saturn 8th, Pluto 9th, Moon-Ketu 10th, Moon-Neptune Labh and Moon travel through Vyay sthan. Family quarrels can be resolved only through mutual cooperation. Do not allow family atmosphere to viciate.

This month escalates your occupational responsibilities. Some discomfort on the family font is likely. Be patient. The near and dear ones shower admiration and make you happy. Observing lifestyle do’s and don’ts will lead you health naturally.

Taurus | Kalnirnay Horoscope 2017


You will fulfill family obligations

Lucky Color : Green

Lucky Number : 5

Rahu Parakram, Mars-Venus 4th, Sun-Mercury 5th, Jupiter 6th, Saturn 7th, Pluto 8th, Moon-Ketu 9th, Moon-Neptune 10th, Moon Labh and Moon-Herschel travel through Vyay sthan. Fulfill family responsibilities

Present planetary position is encouraging. You will get a chance to work in the field of your liking. Family members would honour your word. New business Needs planning.

Gemini | Kalnirnay Horoscope 2017


Be careful when you speak

Lucky Color : Badami

Lucky Number : 9

Rahu 2nd, Mars-Venus Parakram, Sun-Mercury 4th, Jupiter 5th, Saturn 6th, Pluto 7th, Moon-Ketu 8th, Moon-Neptune 9th, Moon 10th and Moon-Herschel travel through Labh sthan. Discuss and seek advice in family matters before taking a decision.

Do not make promises you can not keep. See if it is desirable to assume happiness in things that others find satisfying. Do not traverse the wrong path.

Cancer | Kalnirany Horoscope 2017


Try hard to stay calm

Lucky Color : Sky Blue

Lucky Number : 9

Rahu 1st, Mars-Venus 2nd, Sun-Mercury Parakram, Jupiter 4th, Saturn 5th, Pluto 6th, Moon-Ketu 7th, Moon-Neptune 8th, Moon 9th and Moon-Herschel travel through 10th House. A morning walk will prove to be a good thing. Try and remain happy.

You will have to face certain changes from this month. Be aware that getting too emotional will harm you. Observing restrictions on diet and activity is necessary to maintain health.

Leo | Kalnirnay Horoscope


Keep control on spending

Lucky Color : Orange

Lucky Number : 1

Mars-Venus in Rashi Sthan, Sun-Mercury 2nd, Jupiter Parakram, Saturn 4th, Pluto 5th, Moon-Ketu 6th, Moon-Neptune 7th, Moon 8th, Moon-Herschel 9th and Rahu travel through Vyay Sthan. Control your temper.

“Sustained efforts lead to success,” as you know too well. This month you will drag success alongside. Pace of your efforts needs to be increased. Superiors will be happy. Enjoy travel with family. Beware of thieves.

Virgo | Kalnirnay Horoscope 2017


You will discover self reliance

Lucky Color : Peacock Green

Lucky Number : 5

Sun-Mercury in Rashi Sthan, Jupiter 2nd, Saturn Parakram, Pluto 4th, Moon-Ketu 5th, Moon-Neptune 6th, Moon 7th, Moon-Herschel 8th, Rahu 11th and Mars-Venus travel through Vyay Sthan. Follow a balanced and nutritious diet.

You will leave your impression at the work. Finances will be strong. Governmental matters get moving. Your near and dear ones will appreciate your achievements.

Libra | Kalnirnay Horoscope 2017


Your friends and family circles will expand

Lucky Color : Blue

Lucky Number : 6

Jupiter 1st, Saturn 2nd, Pluto Parakram, Moon-Ketu 4th, Moon-Neptune 5th, Moon 6th, Moon-Herschel 7th, Rahu 10th, Mars-Venus Labh, and Sun-Mercury travel through Vyay Sthan.

Learn to say “No” and you can avoid a lot of bother, says this month. Do not expect more form near ones. Win over your life partner. Accurate decision enhances your efficiency.

Scorpio | Kalnirnay Horoscope 2017


Get expert help when investing

Lucky Color : Pink

Lucky Number : 9

Saturn 1st, Pluto 2nd, Moon-Ketu Parakram, Moon-Neptune 4th, Moon 5th, Moon-Herschel 6th, Rahu 9th, Sun-Mercury Labh and Jupiter travel through Vyay Sthan. Those in search of a job will find one.

Opportunities present themselves at work will raise your spirits. Important issues progress to resolution. Bust opponents’ plans and render them ineffective. Verify and satisfy yourself before you make a promise.

Saggitarius | Kalnirnay Horoscope 2017


You will be able to help family and friends

Lucky Color : Golden

Lucky Number : 9

Pluto in Rashi Sthan, Moon-Ketu 2nd,Moon-Neptune Parakram, Moon 4th, Moon-Herschel 5th, Rahu 8th, Mars-Venus 9th, Sun-Mercury 10th, Jupiter Labh and Saturn travel through Vyay Sthan. You must look after your health. Remember a happy person is a healthy person.

Financial planning is necessary to meet the increasing needs of your family. Do not become emotional while transacting any business. Progress can be achieved through dialogue. Students will succeed at competitive examinations.

Capricon | Kalnirnay Horoscope 2017


Society will be of great help

Lucky Color : Badami

Lucky Number : 9

Moon-Ketu 1st, Moon-Neptune 2nd, Moon Parakram, Moon-Herschel 4th, Rahu 7th, Mars-Venus 8th, Sun-Mercury 9th, Jupiter 10th and Pluto travel through Vyay Sthan. Maintain calm when making financial decisions. Those seeking a loan must try harder.

“There is no alternative to hard work,” dictates this month. Keep on moving disregarding any prestige issues that may arise. Success is guaranteed. Avoid argument with friends.

Aquarius | Kalnirnay Horoscope 2017


Think positive thoughts

Lucky Color : Grey

Lucky Number : 8

Moon-Neptune Rashi Sthan, Moon 2nd, Moon-Herschel Parakram, Rahu 6th, Mars-Venus 7th, Sun-Mercury 8th, Jupiter 9th, Saturn 10th, Pluto Labh Sthan and Moon-Ketu travel through Vyay Sthan. Avoiding tension in love will be good for both. Express your love to the spouse.

This is the time to decide the extent to which you should suffer for others. Put in your word only after judging a person properly. Your research work will get honored. Avoid investing at present.

Pisces | Kalnirnay Horoscope


Be ready to find a new direction

Lucky Color : Grey

Lucky Number : 8

Moon 1st, Moon-Herschel 2nd, Rahu Parakram, Mars-Venus 6th, Sun-Mercury 7th, Jupiter 8th, Saturn 9th, Pluto 10th, Moon-Ketu Labh Sthan and Moon-Neptune travel through Vyay Sthan. Do not ignore a health concern. Do not eat oily or sweet foods. Sweet talk will win hearts of your family members.

This month advises building up your confidence. Your efficiency will increase if you can relieve mental stress. Know the difference between the mundane and the spiritual before you proceed.