Horoscope (English)- December 2017

Horoscope - December 2017


You know disappointments hurt your mind. Do not expect much from your colleagues and family members. A problem may crop up in the later half of the month. Consult experts before you enter any financial deals.


A final decision through consultations at work will be appropriate. Family expenditure will be on the rise. In your social work, handle social interaction issues tactfully. Do not depend on promises and assurances.


Work involving social commitment will receive good response. Any changes on the family level should be well thought out and not impulsive. Marriage talks will conclude successfully.


”Leave no scope to negativity” declares this month.” Beware of enemies at work. Decide and direct your efforts accordingly. Good news in the later half brightens your home.


This month offers a sense of happy fulfillment on the family front. Some new responsibilities are on the cards. No investment at least at present. Family atmosphere will brighten. Children’s needs however, will be ever increasing


The first half of the month will force you to take some unexpected and unpleasant decisions. This will also affect the level of your income. Overexertion may lead to health problems. Beware of thieves and pickpockets when you are travelling.


”Let not ego come in the way of your progress…” Some do’s and don’ts are necessary in your interactions, otherwise it will unnecessarily lead to misunderstanding about you. Avoid conflicts with your colleagues. Governmental works will register progress.


Planets are not favorable in this month and every step will put you to test. Consult elders while reaching important decisions. Avoid ventures and competitions at business. Do not neglect even the most minor health issues.


Drowse conflicts with colleagues before they escalate. “My way is the highway” policy is not desirable. Ensure a bright and happy family atmosphere.


Get what you want this month by placating the opposition. Do not trespass any government rules. Try and avoid dealing with little-known people. Some financial gain is indicated in the later half.


Attend to your duties without yielding to emotions. Do not believe any sweet tongue. Expected financial help will gear up new projects. Family life will be satisfying.


The time is ripe for commissioning long term business plans. Experience high spirits and dynamism at work. Level of finances goes up. Some disappointment is likely on the domestic front.