Horoscope (English)- November 2019

Monthly Horoscope - November 2019


Judge friends accurately. Not all are well-wishers. Take up important jobs in the first half. Developments at work will get proper direction. Adopt positive thinking to fulfil expectations.


The month is full of enthusiasm. Be firm on your decision. It is not so that everyone will agree to your decision. Do not give importance to them. Some unexpected good incidents will take place on the family level. Digestion related issues likely in the latter half of the month.


Be particular in financial dealings. Do not mix finances and friendship. Keep both separate. Success is indicated in later half. You will earn confidence of your seniors. You will sail to growth under their guidance.


A holistic thought is a must before giving opinion on any matter. Consult an expert in financial matters. Minor obstacles are likely in profession. Businessmen should make long term investments as per their financial capacities.


Good deeds always pay, and you are going to experience this. Financial stability will grow. Pending plans will be executed. Be careful during travel in latter half. Postpone the land / real estate dealings.


Concentrate on proper discharge of responsibilities. Ensure that people around you are not taking disadvantage of your good nature. Professionals will face competition in their fields.


The advice for the month is ‘A bird in hand is worth two in bush.’ Good income will keep your spirits high. Artists will taste success and popularity. Eat healthy.


Some compromises are advised to fulfill the responsibilities this month. Avoid unnecessary expenses. Do not ignore hidden enemies in the profession. Avoid misunderstanding by taking unanimous decisions in the partnership business.



Do not rely too much on colleagues. Be self reliant. Financial planning must be accurate. Even a minor mistake can prove dear. You will get into the good books of respected personalities. There is good scope for creativity. Auspicious events will take place in the family.


Income will grow. You will feel enthusiastic after meeting respected personalities. Matters pending at government departments will start moving. Maintain good communication in family. Business travels are indicated for some.


Your horizon will expand with experienced advice from elders. Income will be good in latter half, so will increase expenses. Family life will be happy.


 Do not take any extreme stand against opponents. Be patient. Ups and downs are indicated on the financial aspect. Hard work has no alternative. A compromising policy should be adopted to avoid possible disputes in profession.