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Wild Wild ‘Waste’| Dr Nagesh Tekale

  Waste is everything that no longer has a use or purpose and needs to be disposed of in the right scientific way, Dr Nagesh Tekale while suggesting effective ways to manage waste.   We keep our house clean by putting unwanted things(Waste) outside in the dustbins. What happens to this? We never bother, are […]

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Swipe with care

Credit and Debit Cards are termed as ‘Plastic Money’ because one would use them as real money. While a debit card enables an account holder to spend money that they already have in the bank, a credit card allows a person to use the money that they don’t have. The process of using a credit […]

Nature Reserves: The need of the hour

Our Environment – a matter of concern  People need food and water, space in which to live, air to breathe, and energy to drive their machines. Consequently, many environmental problems have been caused by people. Global warming, acid rains and holes in the ozone layer are three examples of manmade problems. A connection with nature […]