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Today’s Children – Spoilt or Misunderstood? | Parinita Ganesh

Today’s Children – Spoilt or Misunderstood? Practical tips to raise today’s children. Being a parent is probably one of the hardest jobs in the world. And being a decent enough parent is even harder. Even more so, today! Sometimes it feels like an Olympic sport. Life can seem like a never-ending list of this or […]

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Are you a ‘mindful’ parent? | Rhea Gandhi

Are you a ‘mindful’ parent Is your relationship solid? A baby doesn’t ‘fix’ your relationship, it actually makes the cracks more visible. The resentment, dissatisfaction, helplessness you might feel towards your partner will escalate. Their role as a mother/father doesn’t change how they are as a partner. Also, is it fair to a baby to […]

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No : Parent’s guide to using the word effectively | Gouri Dange

Parents have a duty of refusal to certain things. How do you say no without unleashing a war on the home front ? Here is a question that many parents will find familiar: “I need to learn the art of saying no to my kids. Sometimes it’s easier to give in because saying no takes a real […]