Horoscope (English)- October 2019

Monthly Horoscope - October 2019


You will taste success this month. Growth chart will be ascending. Your word will be respected in the profession as well as society. Be a little cautious while dealing with friends.


Everyone wants money. But the source must be legitimate. Businessmen and those in jobs should be more careful. Relatives will not cooperate as per expectations. The latter half will be favourable.


Stress on accuracy to discharge your duties. Good investment opportunities will come your way. Well thought action will bring success in business and job. Women should control their words.


You will get expected success. Utilise funds wisely. House purchase is indicated for some. You will have to compromise to maintain harmony in family. Outsmart the opponents cleverly.


Learn who should come close and who should be kept at bay. Even a small matter will demand high efforts. Keep consistency in efforts. The latter half will be successful. Seniors should be alert about medications.


Spending on recreation, needs to be curtailed. Plan work with foresight. Consider all the legal aspects while closing major financial deals. Betrayal is likely from someone close to you. Do not commit anything to less known people.


Do not let misunderstandings and disputes take over your professional relationships. Take everyone along and move ahead. There is no alternative but to accept, if anything happens against your wish. Acidity related complaints are indicated for some. Treat it on time.


This is the month of growth. Tasks will be completed as expected, however, avoid arguments. Keep a close eye on financial developments. Businessmen should avoid unnecessary enthusiasm. You will have to try hard to keep your word. Business tours are indicated for some.



Your hard work will be acknowledged properly this month. Favourable conditions in business/job will keep the growth chart moving upwords. Blocked financial dealings will be completed smoothly. Efforts of unemployed will bear fruit.


Think before taking any financial decisions. Opponents will get active. Demolish their plans. The latter half is favourable. You will gain social respect. Women should avoid being adamant.


Avoid those deliberately creating obstacles for you. Avoid arguments. Do not take law in your hand. Avoid debts. Women should be careful about health.


Though the planetary position is not that favourable, you will sail through with the support from Jupiter. Some harsh decisions are necessary for fulfilment of responsibilities. Resolve family disputes on time.