Kalnirnay Swadishta Panchang Periodical Combo Pack 2023



  1. Comprises of auspicious and inauspicious days
  2. Monthly horoscope, Marriage Muhurat
  3. Articles on recipes, knowledge, travelling & Healthcare

Swadishta Combo Pack

  1. Kalnirnay Swadishta Edition 2023
  2. Marathi Car Edition 2023
  3. Marathi Desk Edition 2023
  4. Accordion 2023
  5. Varshachandrika


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Kalnirnay Swadishta Panchang Periodical Combo Pack 2023 175.00

Swadishta Combo Pack

Kalnirnay Swadishta Combo Pack 2023 includes a Pack of 5 editions. It is a special combo for ‘FOODIES’. The rear side provides you with various recipes for different cuisine.

This set of 5 Combo products comprises a regular calmanac 2023 along with a car, desk edition, accordion and Varsha Chandrika (Mini Panchang) Marathi Edition.

In this edition, there are columns like “Khaucha Dabba” and “Happy Baking” covering all the tempting recipes from all over the globe which make us famished & provoke us to make them.

Kalnirnay is the world’s largest-selling publication. This special edition gives you simplified information about the Panchang, Auspicious Days, Festivals and Holidays. Loaded with recipes, informative articles, and monthly astrology. Kalnirnay keeps you connected to the roots while you look towards the future.

There are two niche editions of Kalnirnay namely Swadishta and Arogya Calmanac significantly covers Food & Health-related content respectively.


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