Kalnirnay Arogya Panchang Periodical 2023 – Bulk Orders





  1. Kalnirnay Arogya 2023
  2. Comprises of auspicious and inauspicious days
  3. Articles based on health, precautionary tips, home remedies & other health-related information
  4. Monthly Panchang
  5. Pack: Bulk(50,100,150,200)
  6. Monthly Horoscope
  7. Muhurat: Marriage Muhurat on a monthly basis
  8. Sankashta Chaturthi: Location wise Moon-rise timing on a monthly basis
  9. Size: 28 x 44 cm

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2023 Arogya

This special edition of ‘Kalnirnay Arogya Calmanac’ 2023 keeps your roots healthy by providing lots of healthy mantras. This Kalnirnay Marathi regular edition is equipped with lots of healthcare tips, and articles based on upgrading technology in the medical era, pregnancy, the crucial role of Ayurveda, Yoga & generic problems from adolescence to senior citizens. This also gives you information about all the festivals and holidays, sunrise and sunset timings, auspicious days and etc.



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